Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eyes Like Stars - Act II

When we last left author Lisa Mantchev, she was bound with licorice ropes while four very mischievous fairies romped across her galleys, leaving frosted footsteps in their wake. Today, the saga continues:

Peaseblossom: So, here's the deal. Lisa's got revisions on the second theater book.

Cobweb: Perchance to Pudding.

Moth: No... it was something about sleeping.

Mustardseed: To sleep, perchance to pillow-drool.

Cobweb: I wasn't going to say anything, but she totally does. And snore!

(There's a hail of giggling before a chorus of thumps and "ow!" from the boys.)

Peaseblossom: (with an angelic clearing of her throat) So she asked us to do this guest blog thing on her behalf.

Cobweb: The licorice ropes were totally her idea.

Moth: They weren't, but they are for her own good.

Mustardseed: Otherwise she gets on that Tweeter-thing and totally forgets about us.

Peaseblossom: (over the top of the boys) What they mean to say is, writers have some Very Bad Habits.

Moth: Not as bad as forgetting to make dessert, but Bad Enough.

Cobweb: And it's not just Tweeter... it's that Bookface, and a OurPlace and the website.

(Chorus of groans.)

Mustardseed: Don't even get me started on the website! And I'm still mad we weren't invited to the cake-wrecking.

Peaseblossom: (with an audible smirk) That's because you three can't take direction!

(A fight breaks out amongst them, with the sounds of punching and shoving and the smashing of crockery. Very faintly, in the background, Lisa can be heard, chewing through her gag of Fruit Roll-up.)

Will Lisa chew through her Fruit Roll-up gag in time to complete her revisions? Or will Peaseblossom and the boys take over the book? Tune in next week for Act III!

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  1. Hi :)
    Very cute & funny & witty!
    Love From Canada


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