Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm Just Saying

Just took Starshine to see Ice Age 3. (An imminently forgettable movie) During the previews, an announcer intoned gravely (in the midst of various animated what-have-you's on screen) that THIS movie (Yes, this upcoming animated what-have-you movie) is the summer's most highly anticipated movie event.


I think you have a much better chance of saying that without incurring ridicule if you choose, say, a non-Harry Potter summer.

I'm just saying.


  1. LMAO and I'm not even a HP fan. I know, perish the thought!

  2. Not to mention it's the most overused marketing phrase in the world.

    Not a HP fan...I'm sorry, I...ow, that made my brain hurt.

  3. Heh. This is true. Not to mention all the other big movies that came out this summer. Maybe if they'd done that last summer when nothing good was on...

  4. Gray - NOTHING GOOD LAST SUMMER? Ahem, are we forgetting The Dark Knight?

  5. *laughs* Doh! Yes, I was. *hangs head*


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