Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eyes Like Stars - Part IV

In the last installment of our peek into Lisa Mantchev's EYES LIKE STARS, we find the fairies rallied around their creator, in various stages of ... well, see for yourself.

Mustardseed: Why, I want to know, are we wearing tea strainers on our heads?

Lisa: You are going into battle. (sounds of duct tape attaching silverware-armor to the fairies' limbs.)

Moth: (peering at his gauntlets, made of pocket watch bits) Against whom?

Lisa: The demons from Prophecy of the Sisters. You're going to fight them. To the death.

Peaseblossom: I... don't think I like the sound of that.

Lisa: (more duct tape sounds) Sure you do! You can jab at them with toothpick swords, and the winners will get spectacular prizes.

Cobweb: What kind of prizes?

Lisa: All sorts of fabulous shiny things, but you'll mostly like the candy. Pop Rocks and Airheads... Peaseblossom will like all the glittery makeup--

Mustardseed: Makeup schmakeup... what if we PERISH?

Lisa: Then you go to some sort of fairy Valhalla, no doubt, and gorge eternally on cake.

(Silence a moment, then four-part harmony)


To help the fairies win their battle (and to win the totally rocking, shiny prize package for yourself!) go to the contest site and get the details. Also, hie thyself to thy nearest bookstore and pick up a copy of Eyes Like Stars (which already went into its second print run during it's debut week!).

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  1. Perhaps the fairies should ally with the child and the dog. The child will be looking for some company since the child's family did get eaten by sharks.

    I am so happy that Eyes Like Stars already went into second print. I have been doing everything possible to assist with sales. I have become quite the book ninja.

    Thank you to Lisa for the wonderful posts showing us more and more of the Troublesome Four. Thanks, to my fearsome sister for having Lisa as a guest blogger.

    Onward ho to the bookstore if you have not already purchased Eyes Like Stars. If you have, well, Christmas is coming and I'm sure there are several people on your list that would enjoy such a marvelous tale.


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