Friday, September 4, 2009

Shh: Mind Reading In Progress

1. Since I'm in the process of applying for jobs, I've been reading a ton of job descriptions online.

2. Most make perfect sense.

3. Today, one job description said the following: Mandatory Skills: Communication. Must effectively communicate as pertains to the giving of information. Communication skill required is only verbal and written.

4. Well, that's a relief!

5. My mind-reading powers, while formidable with my own children, are a bit rusty when it comes to the general public. Although, they could be excluding body language which is a shame because I'm really good at that.

6. Also, I appreciated the definition of how to effectively communicate because, yanno, communication isn't always about the giving of information.

7. Sometimes, it's about... well, it's about ...

8. ...

9. Starshine had his follow up visit at Vanderbilt and got his cast sealed up.

10. This time, he went with a black and white striped cast.

11. When I saw it, I commented that I really liked it and said it reminded me of the Jolly Roger and was very pirate-ish.

12. Starshine looked at me and said, quite sternly, "It's not pirate-ish. It's prisoner-ish."

13. Nice to know he's setting his life goals high.

14. Speaking of Starshine, guess who I caught jumping on the furniture this week?

15. That's right.

16. When I reminded him (in a less than calm voice) that not one week ago he'd snapped both bones in his arm by pulling a similar stunt, he looked sheepish and admitted that he'd forgotten.

17. Forgotten.

18. One week later.

19. I admit I thought I had a bit more time than that.

20. *considers just duct taping Starshine to a wall for a while*


  1. No, silly, duct tape will make a mess of your walls.

    Sew some velcro on his clothes and afix him to the carpet.

  2. Let me know how #20 works out! Might come in handy when I watch the boys!

  3. I'd offer a Benadryl slushie, but you said that doesn't work for your kids.

    So, how 'bout some vodka?

    For you.

  4. With Starshine's black and white striped "prisoner" cast, sounds like he's prepared to be confined. I vote with Kerry for industrial strength velcro over duct tape though.


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