Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Once upon a time (say about two years ago) I had enough time on my hands to browse the internet, read agent blogs, visit writer web sites, and make friends among the commenters there. That slim margin of web time has disappeared from my schedule. At most, I have snatches of a few minutes here and a few minutes there that I can guiltlessly devote to reading stuff on the web for fun.

I've had to cut out visits to agent blogs unless one of the ones I follow on Twitter posts a link to something I think I really shouldn't miss. I don't go to author websites, even authors I consider my friends, unless they too post a link on Twitter and I realize it's something I should pop over to see. Livejournal was the first site I let go and that was a tough decision since I genuinely LIKE the people I follow there and who follow me. But keeping up with two blogs and reading pages of entries sucked time I just didn't have. I do, however, keep up with my LJ friends on Twitter. *waves at Katy and Annette*

Twitter works for me because it's quick. And it keeps a running log of conversations I'm involved in. I can answer someone, go to work, hit the grocery store, critique a chapter, and clean out my inbox and then log in to Twitter to see their reply and continue the dialogue. I find it easier to network and keep up with the people I really enjoy on Twitter.

My point is this: If I can't get to your blog regularly, post a link to something important and draw my attention to it on Twitter. I'll go. If you aren't on Twitter but you enjoy my strange brand of humor, join Twitter and follow me. It's usually worth your while (Though slaying the Laundry Dragon is a frequent topic. As are were-llamas and Zombie Goats. And you might get hit in the face with a sparkalay cupcake. Don't say you weren't warned.) and if it isn't, you can un-follow me without me ever discovering your treachery.

Despite the stupid name (Twitter? Really? Like we're all darling little sparrows?), it's a fantastic way to network and keep up with friends when you've got major time constraints. At the moment, short and sweet is the only option I've got. :)


  1. Hi :)
    I find myself drawn to Twitter for precisely the reasons you have outlined.
    Plus I have discovered great writers (like you) which I would've been abysmally ignorant of without Twitter.
    Love and best wishes,

  2. Wow. CJ, I could have written this post. In fact, I considered linking it and adding "Ditto".

    I had to give up Myspace, and pretty much Facebook. Twitter is my lifesaver. Like you said, it's quick, in and out. Tweet, laundry, chapter, tweet. By the way, I'd thought I'd vanquished the laundry demon yesterday, but discovered he was only hiding in my teen's room disguised as carpet. Sneaky thing, but teen will be handling him when she gets home from school.

    Because I have a super secret identity, and ssi is getting published before me, I have to maintain two blogs, two twitters, two networks. So... google reader? What's that? I'm afraid to look.

    There are blogs I truly love to read but I just can't find the time. So please, writers, tweet links to your blogs.

    And, CJ, I'm so glad you did. It's nice to know I'm not alone. : )


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