Wednesday, October 7, 2009

All In A Day's Work

Me: Hi! Welcome to Cracker Barrel. Can I start you off with some sweet tea?

Woman: I'd like coffee. Starbucks, please.

Me: *laughs for a second before realizing woman is serious* Um. We don't have Starbuck's coffee.

Woman: But, it's my favorite!

Me: Yes. But you're in Cracker Barrel. We have Royal Cup coffee.

Woman: But I don't want Royal Cup. I want Starbucks.

Me: I realize that. But you're in CRACKER BARREL.

Woman: Well, you really should consider getting some Starbucks coffee in here. Everybody loves it.

Me: Do I really need to explain the concept of franchising to you?


  1. We miss Crackle Barrel. The closest one is 500 miles away.
    However, guess what we have lots and lots of?

    You guess it.
    This is Seattle after all.

  2. If she ever comes in again, tell her you know someone who dislikes Starbucks because it is mainstream, it's revolting, coffee is revolting, Dunkin Donuts is way better, and caffeine will stunt my growth. And that people who make assumptions are generally considered pompous by the intelligent populace. So there.

  3. nothing is impossible, starbucks may some day get into crackle

  4. Yeah...I work in customer service...and it's FUN. *rolls eyes* In my case I take claims at an insurance company and boy...the stories I could tell. People are...interesting. :)

  5. I go to Cracker Barrel AT LEAST once every time I go back home to visit. Lordy I miss TN!


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