Monday, November 23, 2009

Yay for Blog Awards!

Thanks to Shannon Messenger, I was nominated for the Honest Scrap award. Apparently, the purpose of this is to make me tell 10 honest things about myself. As if you didn't already have enough of my life shoved in your face on a near daily basis.

Here goes:

1. This isn't the first blog award I've received. I think it's the fifth. But usually the process of claiming, reposting, and nominating others feels really overwhelming to me and my five minutes of free time so I thank the nominator and move on. In fact, I was nominated today for another award on a different blog. It remains to be seen if I find the time to pick that one up, though I was deeply honored.

2. I used to lick play doh. It never tasted good. But it looked pretty, so on the off chance that this time it would taste how it looked, I licked it every time I played with it.

3. My favorite color is red because it's dramatic, bold, fun, lively and still maintains some classy sophistication. I once read that when you describe your favorite color you describe yourself so I guess I should subtract sophisticated and add loud to the list.

4. I once grabbed an electric cow fence while it was on. I don't recommend it.

5. If I had to choose an international destination for a dream vacation, I wouldn't head for the tropical beaches. Instead, I'd do a tour of castles in Ireland and England.

6. I don't like the smell of flowers.

7. I read the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy for the first time while I was in fourth grade.

8. I once wrote in my diary that I would grow up and marry John Schneider (Bo Duke from Dukes of Hazard). I later taught his daughter when she was in junior high, was invited to his home for a Christmas party (while I was 8 months pregnant with the Scientist), and had my husband announce the contents of my diary in front of John and his very understanding wife.

9. I refuse to eat green beans. In any form. Don't cover them in cheese and bread crumbs, call it a casserole, and feed me a bite. I promise I'll vomit on your shoes.

10. I played basketball and volleyball in junior high. I wasn't talented at either, but I was fast, aggressive, and had no fear of the other players so I ended up playing more often than not.

At this point, I'm supposed to nominated other bloggers. However, I've also run out of time. So, if you choose to share ten honest things on your blog, snag the logo, link back to me, and leave me a comment directing me to your post. (I seem to have embraced the concept of socialism! YOU do the work for ME and I'LL reap the rewards. Awesome.)


  1. See, this is why I HAD to give you the award. Because how else would I know about your Bo Duke story-huh? Too much good stuff to comment on it all, but yep...this is why I read your blog. :) (By the way, I threw that unnecessary ellipse in there just for you! *wink*)

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