Monday, November 23, 2009

Beam Me Up, Scotty!

1. In my last post, I invited commenters to guess which two items on my list of things researched for Casting Stones weren't true.

2. The correct answer is: buttermilk pancake recipe and the founders of Oliver Springs, Tennessee.

3. Sadly no one got the right answer so no prize this time, but I've learned my lesson.

4. I'll make the next guessing contest easier. =D

5. In other contest news, I'll be posting the winner of the 50 page critique tomorrow!

6. Starshine recently decided to speak to us using interpretive dance as his main mode of communication.

7. Of course, if we don't get his meaning right away, he follows that up with his usual stream of consciousness.

8. I work every day this week through Thanksgiving which means we'll be eating a late dinner on T-day.

9. I have no idea why any of you would find that fact interesting.

10. I had a commenter recently volunteer to be a moderator on this blog.

11. *looks around at her regular readers*

12. I had to turn her down since all of you are generally so well-mannered there's really nothing to moderate.

13. That seems like a small oversight on your part.

14. Perhaps you should step up your game.

15. I find when I'm totally focused on writing a particular story, I can't enjoy reading for pleasure.

16. I get mad because the book is trying to distract me from my characters.

17. Yes, writers are a strange breed.

18. We listened to J.J. Abrams' commentary on the movie Star Trek last night and it was a master's class in effective story telling, pacing, and attention to the littlest details to get everything just right.

19. Have I mentioned I want Star Trek for Christmas?

20. Reader Question: What's one Thanksgiving dish you could eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?


  1. Mashed potatoes. Can't go wrong with mashed potatoes.

  2. Hamburgers.

    'Cause this is how we do.

  3. Heavenly hash salad... marshmallowy goodness, and I think it has fruit in it... so that's healthy, right?

  4. Sorry to do this to you CJ, but I'd love to make you tell another 10 honest things about yourself, so I'm giving you the Honest Scrap Award. You can pick it up (if you want to accept it) here:

  5. Mayberry - Me too! They make excellent potato cakes the next morning.

    Ang Dot - Yum. Burgers. (I'm sooo not surprised to find an alernate T-day menu at your house. Though I know your mom is the Almost Queen of Desert. Almost because she shuns the delight that is Pumpkin Cheesecake.)

    Kristy - I don't think I've had that but I'm a firm believer that if fruit of any sort is on the ingredient list, it's automatically healthy.

    ND - Yummy! But seriously? You have potato salad on T-day? That's very interesting to me because I see it as total summer picnic food.


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