Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Casserole, Anyone?

1. Someone recently asked me why I do the list thing so much on my blog.

2. My answer? It's my blog, and I'll do what I want.

3. Also, I live a crazy-busy life, my post gave-birth-to-three-boys-in-four-years brain resembles a colander, and this way, I can share a bunch of random tidbits in one post (Hey! Convenient!) for the enjoyment of all.

4. It's like a C.J. casserole.

5. Everybody loves casserole.

6. If you don't, hie thyself to another blog.

7. I'm trying to convince my hubby to make a cake for our resident blog mascot, the Were-llama.

8. I want the cake to resemble the Were-llama.

9. With glowing red eyes.

10. Cool, yes?

11. Even cooler if the cake spits from both ends!

12. I'm all about the details, folks. And you know you want to see a sparting (spit+fart = spart...stay with me, peeps) Were-llama cake.

13. We could make a video of its construction.

14. Any suggestions for a Were-llama cake theme song?

15. Were-llama says NO to anything by Brittany.

16. Also, Were-llama vetoes the Macarena.

17. Recently, I judged five contest entries for the YA category of the Golden Heart.

18. There were some fantastic story ideas and a couple that I think are really close to being publication ready.

19. It's fun to read up-and-coming writers.

20. Speaking of writing, I'll be diving in to plotting and researching the sequel to CASTING STONES next week.

21. I'll also be starting the January query workshop this coming Monday.

22. Four spots left if anyone is interested in getting multiple in-depth critiques on their query.

23. Now, I must get ready to face the day job, the dentist, and a sneak peek of the new Brendan Fraser/Harrison Ford movie. (Because my parents want to go, and as I only see them twice a year, I've capitulated. This is the kind of movie I usually avoid like the plague.)

24. Were-llama theme song, anyone?


  1. The only Were-llama theme song I can think of is the Llama Song. It's on Youtube. I know most of the lyrics.

    Here's a llama
    There's a llama
    And another little llama
    Fuzzy llama
    Funny llama
    Llama, llama, duck!

    (I'm not kidding.)

  2. I've often wondered not about the "numbered list" format, but what prompts you to make each new number. To me, the next "thought" is often actually part of the previous one. Just saying... :)

    (Awaiting the backlash of the Were-llama...)

  3. hmm were-llama theme song.

    How about the classic, "Yummy Yummy Yummy, I've got love in my tummy."

    by Ohio Express

  4. Ang Dot - I know that song! I forgot all about it until you mentioned it.

    Peter - It's pacing. Or emphasis. Or whim. Or whatever.

    ND - I admit, I'm unfamiliar with the tune. I'll have to check it out.

  5. I was going to suggest the Llama song, but she beat me to it.


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