Friday, January 15, 2010

Can't Think Of A Title To Save My Life

1. In my zeal to thank my awesome CPs for helping me make CASTING STONES the best it can be, I forgot to thank one very important person.

2. My hubby.

3. Without his tireless support of me, this book would still be unfinished.

4. He spent hours doing housework, cooking dinner, riding herd over homework time and bed time so I could go off by myself and write. Sometimes, I spent ALL day at the bookstore writing. Not only did he not complain, he cheerfully encouraged me to stay as late as I needed and was excited to mark every chapter's completion.

5. I can't really express how much his belief in me and my dreams means to me.

6. Thank you, Clint. I love you too.

7. That concludes the mushy portion of this program.

8. We will now return to our regularly scheduled mayhem and silliness.

9. *is waiting for inspiration to hit*

10. Daredevil's Sunday school teacher sent me an email this past weekend. Apparently, the class was discussing the tabernacle. The teacher asked the students, "Who knows what the innermost room of the tabernacle was called?"

11. Daredevil raised his hand and said, "The Holy Mackerel."

12. I have high hopes for his comedic timing.

13. I'm still accepting registration for the upcoming Query Workshop.

14. And I'm still mulling over how to put together a worthwhile synopsis workshop.

15. I'm sure you feel much better about life in general knowing that.

16. Oh, yes. The pic at the top of this post?

17. One of Lilli's t-shirts from the CASTING STONES series. She wears it in book two.

18. I got a bicycle for my birthday. It's what I asked for.

19. Now, I'm remembering how long it's been since I rode a bike.

20. Twenty years.

21. I sincerely hope, given the steepness of our driveway and the unforgiving nature of both our aggregate and the asphalt on the street below, that the belief one never really forgets how to ride a bike is, indeed, true.

22. On the bright side, if I eat it, I'll have plenty to blog about.

23. Going to get my hair cut short and sassy today.

24. With highlights.

25. I think I'm going to have her put a blue or purple streak in as well.

26. Just to keep it interesting.

27. Later, peeps!


  1. The haircut sounds fun. I'm thinking blue for the streak. A vivid eye-catching shade.

  2. Remember a helmet with your new bike. I've read your blog and have enjoyed your head trauma stories because they have been more humor than full blown traumatic brain injury end up in a rehab unit and tube fed.
    I'd like to hear LOTS more of the humor. Thanks for all the smiles you've brought for me!!

  3. *clint's a keeper for sure.
    *yes, daredevil sure can be FUNny!!! wonder where he gets it from?
    *you'll do fine w/the long as your kiddos are not around laughing at you.
    * fun! ...and blue. i vote for blue.

  4. You have to post a picture of the streaks!

  5. I always liked "When life hands you lemons...stuff them in your bra." Mom sent me that on card once.

    Thank you to Clint for being far more than I could ever have dreamed for my sister. You may be just doing all of this so I don't make true my permanently maim threat, but it is appreciated nonetheless.

  6. I'd venture to say humor definitely runs in the family. Congrats on completion!


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