Monday, January 25, 2010

A Harbinger Of Things To Come

1. The Cupcake Characters survey is well under way, and I find the results ... surprising, so far.

2. How is it possible that the Were-platypus cupcake idea is beating out Captain Jack?

3. I mean, he's CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW. Savvy?

4. If you haven't yet voted to correct this wrong, please do so.

5. Of course, it doesn't escape my attention that many of you are voting for the Were-Platypus (Thank you SO MUCH Shannon) just to make my life difficult.

6. Someday I hope to return the favor.

7. Daredevil tried to get past me in the kitchen the other day, and we sort of danced around each other until he finally looked at me and said, "Go on with your bad self."

8. So, I did.

9. The January query workshop starts today.

10. I always love diving into other writers' projects and helping them make their queries shine.

11. Always makes me wish I was a literary agent so I could request manuscripts.

12. Of course, I'd totally suck as a literary agent because a) I live far too much of my life inside my head to ever be responsible for the details involved in contracts/submissions/what have you for someone else and b) if an editor turned down a project I loved, I'd have a difficult time restraining myself from hauling out my Spork of Doom.

13. Soon I'll begin this year's Get Me Started creative writing exercise on the blog.

14. For those who are newer readers, this is where you leave me a first sentence and I turn it into a short piece of fiction on the blog.

15. Given the plethora of creative cupcake ideas you gave me *cough Were-Platypus cough* I'm looking forward to the Get Me Started sentences.

16. I'm thinking about doing an Ask the Were-llama segment too, which means I'll need creative questions from you.

17. Notice, I'm NOT doing an Ask the Were-Platypus segment.


  1. WHO could POSSIBLY be voting for the were-platypus at every opportunity? Madness!

    *whistles in the way of those who project guileless innocence through whistling*

  2. But the Were-Platypus may have opinions on important political issues!

  3. Were-Platypus FTW!

    You're Welcome!

    Though for the record, I believe I only suggested Platypus. Someone else took it to the next level and made it a Were-Platypus-which was EPIC!

    Cannot WAIT for the "Get Me Started" sentences. *rubs hands together with an evil smile* job here is done. For now!

    Shannon. Out. :)

  4. *sings* Kerry's a cheater. Kerry's a cheater.

    If anyone should get to cheat it should be SPARROW! He's a pirate for goodness sake! *sigh*

  5. Okay, so I'm a cheater too. But hello, I'm voting for the pirate!

  6. Cheating is acceptable if we're discussing Jack Sparrow. After all, for him the rules are more like guidelines anyway.

  7. I'll do my best to correct the whole Sparrow-Falling-By-The-Wayside thing. B/C I really want to see that cupcake.

  8. Genial dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.


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