Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Excuse Me?

Usually, I bring you an interview on Wednesdays. Today's interview, however, has been rescheduled to tomorrow (and there is an AWESOME giveaway so stay tuned!) because of a tragic cupcake malfunction.

So, in place of my regularly scheduled blog feature, I bring you the following conversation which happened yesterday in the car:

Hubby: Oh, man! I still have to make that cupcake.

Me: *glances at him* I'm sorry. If you really don't want to make cupcakes for my blog, just tell me. I'll do something else.

Hubby: *is silent*

Me: Well?

Hubby: I'm not answering that.

Me: Why not?

Hubby: Because I love you.

Starshine: Answer her, Dad! Weren't you listening to her?

Hubby: I never listen to her.

Starshine: *makes frustrated sound* I can't believe you got married to her. How in the world did you ever manage to get married if you don't listen to her?

Hubby: I got married BECAUSE I didn't listen to her.

Me: Oh, nice.

Starshine: *ponders this for a minute* So .... did she ask you to marry her?

Hubby: Nope. She didn't ask. She begged.

To send flowers to Hubby's memorial service, call 1-800-O-No-U-Didn't


  1. Oh, @clintredwine. I hardly knew ye.

    Any chance you can bake up some cupcakes for the funeral before you pass? I'm within driving distance and that might just tip me into coming down.

  2. OH SNAP!

    Hubby is so not friends with Starshine right now, because Starshine is freaking SMART. Isn't it wonderful when the kids get the dads in trouble?

    I'm gonna send dandelions so they can grow on his grave and his ghost can blow on them and make wishes that he can move on because he had no idea humans could haunt the ghosts instead of the other way around and he's SCARED and all he wants to do is make it up but he CAN'T because he's freaking DEAD.

    Way to make him TRULY suffer, CJ. *double high five*

  3. was nice knowing him, however briefly. lol

  4. I laughed 'till I gagged.
    NM Mom

  5. Hehe.

    At least now you're free to be in love with Johnny Depp without the guilt. ;)

  6. *dials*

    Eh. We'll get over him soon enou-

    Uhp. There we go. Who were we mourning for again?

  7. CJ...calm yourself. Remember that it has to look like an accident to collect the life insurance.

  8. C.J., your mom is awesome. Sometimes I wish Hubby would just come out and say no instead of being afraid of my reaction. Sounds like @clintredwine needs to learn to do the same.


  9. Hmmmm....I'm glad he's still alive. Because he bakes. And that's important.


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