Monday, March 8, 2010


1. I saw two things this weekend that made me laugh.

2. The fact that neither of these things were meant to be funny made it that much better.

3. First, I saw an ad for a hairstyling salon that read as follows:

4. Klassy Not Sassy Boutique

5. I think the "k" just gives it that extra special touch of sophistication and--dare I say it?--klass.

6. I stopped by the Starbucks inside my local grocery store and discovered a new free-to-me product: bagged used coffee grounds.

7. The slick bag housing the grounds explained (in glossy, colorful letters) that the grounds were excellent for gardening and offered them for free to customers who wanted to a) make their plants very happy and b) help Starbucks reduce their environmental footprint.

8. Am I the only one who sees the big fat irony in taking something that is environmentally friendly and wouldn't harm a landfill and packaging it in a slick, ink-covered bag so the company can seem environmentally conscious?

9. *rolls eyes*

10. I saw Alice in Wonderland last week and LOVED it. Gorgeous imagery, stellar acting, and top notch writing. Also, on a Tim Burton 1-10 scale of weird, this was about a 2.

11. My kids loved it too.

12. I can now be bribed with Alice in Wonderland swag, fyi.

13. I'm over half finished with CASTING STONES revisions and they're going well.

14. And that's really all I have to say about that. *brain is mostly broken this morning*

15. Fun question for you: What are your top 5 favorite movies of all time?

16. It's a tough one to answer because so many could make the cut, but you need to just pick 5.

17. Mine are: The Dark Knight, Mary Poppins, Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets, Pirates: Curse of the Black Pearl, and The Princess Bride.

18. Yours?


  1. Hound of the Baskervilles (Basil Rathbone version of course); My Fair Lady (aah, Rex); Overboard, Hope Floats, What Dreams May Come

    'Cause I'm Klassy like dat ::snort::

  2. I adore My Fair Lady and almost put it on my list! Why can't a woman be more like a man? (funniest song ever)

  3. LOVE Princess Bride and Mary P.... ALong those lines, I'd have to throw in the original Willy Wonka, the Boy Who Could Fly is dorky but anything that is fantasy but could ALMOST me true is good.

  4. Pride & Prejudice (I refuse to pick which of the versions I like best)
    Harry Potter (I refuse to pick which I like best)
    Princess Bride
    The Great Escape

    Granted, this list changes on a monthly basis lol

  5. I want to play! My list: Princess Bride, Strictly Ballroom, Jane Eyre (with George C. Scott), Truly Madly Deeply, and The Life of Brian.

  6. Hm, that's hard.

    I'd have to say: Pride and Prejudice. Love Actually. Notting Hill. Clueless, and Sixteen Candles. But if you ask me tomorrow I'm sure I'd pick 5 others. It changes all the time.

    And lol about the Starbucks coffee grounds. I'd love to know what genius thought of that idea!

  7. Shaun of the Dead is my absolute favorite film of all time, has been since it came out.

    The rest of the top five shift from time to time. At the moment, they are:
    2) Walt Disney's Beauty and the Beast
    3) El Dorado (w/ John Wayne) (see also Rio Bravo and Rio Lobo. He basically made the same movie 3 times, and I love them all)
    4) Secondhand Lions (so sad!)
    5) The Mummy (w/ Brendan Frasier)

  8. Gladiator and 300 (to satisfy my need for violence AND mancandy), Desk Set with Hepburn and Tracy (because it is klever and klassy), Men In Black, and because I'm late to the game and will look like a conformist clone if I say The Princess Bride (most quotable movie evah!), I'll play it cool and say The Matrix (the original, not the franchise milking that followed).

    Incidentally, has anyone else read the book for The Princess Bride? It's just like the movie, ONLY MORE SO. They did a great job adapting that one for film.

  9. I've read it. It's amazing! And yes, they did a good screen adaptation.

  10. I think I may be going to the movies to watch Alice with my Grandma, someday, so I'm excited for that.

    My top five movies...uh...The Hangover (I'm not kidding, but I realize I seem more graceful and klassy than that), I just watched Pineapple Express (also more klassy than that, but hey) so I'm on a Seth Rogen kick. I love The Princess Bride. And, to fill up space, everything Hayao Miyazaki's directed, like Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle, although I'm too enchanted by the animation to really pay attention to the story, but I try really hard!

  11. 1. Gladiator
    2. Braveheart
    3. The Last Samurai
    4. LOTR Trilogy (sue me it's one movie broken into three pieces :D )
    5. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring (I'm not being a smartass, this is an actual film :) and a very good one at that)



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