Saturday, March 13, 2010


I used a random number generator to pick the winner of the signed copy of THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS. Congratulations, Sara McClung!! You've won! Please email me your mailing address and I'll forward it on to Kelly.

Thank you to everyone who commented and entered. Stay tuned for next week's interview where Captain Jack pursues not one woman, but two!


  1. Yay!! OMG what a great day :-)

    Saw Alice in Wonderland... Won this fabulous book! I love today!!

    CJ, email's coming with my address. Thanks!!!

  2. Jemi, Courtney--thanks! btw

    Kelly, I am so friggin' excited ♥

  3. RIGGED! Just kidding.
    I just came over from Sara's blog. Your drinkin' gin and writing a query cracked me up.

    Congrats to Sara! :)


People who comment are made of awesomesauce with a side of WIN!

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