Monday, April 19, 2010

Truth, Truth, Lie

1. Yesterday evening, I finished revisions on CASTING STONES. Yay!!

2. No time to take a break or give in to brain-deadness, though, because I have a critique folder to clean out and a plot workshop to give this week.

3. After that, I start work on two YA proposals to send to Holly.

4. No rest for the mostly crazy.

5. My grandma continues to improve. Daredevil made her a Get Well Soon card the other day and wrote the following message: I hope God revives you.

6. We'll be focusing on vocabulary this week in homeschool ...

7. Yesterday, I saw a headline on an online news site that said "Celebrities Disrupted by Volcanic Ash."


9. The fact that someone thought that topic was newsworthy is mind-boggling to me.

10. I'm having a hard time thinking of funny things to say today. For reasons why, see #1-3 and focus on the word "brain-deadness."

11. So, instead, we'll play a game called "Spot the Lie." I'll list four things. Three of them will be true. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to spot the lie. Leave your answer in the comment trail for a chance to win a mystery prize!

* I once was chosen to attend leadership camp, but our bus driver got so lost, we arrived at the camp five hours later than everyone else and had nothing but carrot sticks and cold rolls for dinner.

* When I was seven, I was invited to recite a poem onstage at the local county fair.

* I once slipped on an icy hill, "skied" down it in my boots, and knocked over a pastor when I hit the bottom.

* When I was fourteen, we hosted an exchange student from Japan and taught her how to have "sock wars" with my dad.

There you go! Pick the lie, leave it in the comment trail, and be entered to win a cool mystery prize! (Hint: It's handmade, totally awesome, and you get to choose how it smells.)

Contest is open until 8 p.m. central time Tuesday, April 20th. (Sorry, cannot accept international entries.)

For an extra entry, tweet a link to this post and leave it for me in your comment!


  1. Oh I'm torn ... :D I think I'll go with #1 as being the lie though.

    Congrats on finishing!


  2. Congrats on finishing your Casting Stones revisions! Looking forward to hearing more about those two YA proposals. :-)

    I'm going to vote for the poem recital at the county fair as the lie.

  3. I choose sock puppets!!

    kpic724 (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Haha! Love that cat photo. I'm so sorry you're feeling brain-dead though! Hope that passes quickly! Congrats on finishing revisions. I can't wait to be saying that. lol

    As for the lie... hmm, I'm going to go with #1.

    Oh and I so agree with you. Why is that making the news?

  5. I'm gonna go with sock wars for the lie.
    And I'm with you...when did everything celebs do become 'news'?

  6. I think #1 is the lie. No way would they feed you carrots and bread.

  7. These are hard! I'm going with 2 being the lie.

    If retweetes count, then I tweeted it.

  8. Congratulations on finishing revisions!!!

    I pick #1 as the lie... Though, I COULD see how just carrot sticks and cold rolls for dinner would be scarring enough to vividly remember. But still... I think you're LYING =)

  9. I'm torn, as well. All of the mishaps sound like something you would do or have happen. But they also sound like something you would make up!!! lol

    I'm going to go with number... I can't remember... It brought up the comments over your blog :D

    I'm going to be different, let's (and I do mean the Royal US) go with the poem recital. If it's true, I'm sure you haven't revealed the whole story :D

    I tweeted this contest and included @cjredwine so you can see it.

    I wish I was as productive as you when I go brain dead.

    PS We also love the photo

  10. Don't think I should vote.(It might tip off the others!) Do I get a prize for keeping my mouth shut?

  11. I was tempted to cheat and didn't. : ) I'm going with #2, the poem just seems so tame.

    I hope your brain comes back on line soon. Of course, it might have run away with mine. I'm convinced my brain is at a exotic locale somewhere without me.

    I RT'd too. : )


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