Friday, June 25, 2010

Look What We Have

Introducing the newest member of our family ... Jack. (You're shocked at the name choice, I know!) We adopted him from our local animal shelter on Tuesday. I'll have better pics soon. He's a tiny little thing with a bob tail and the biggest purr I've ever heard. Spastic Kitten has grudgingly decided to allow Jack to live, but she hasn't yet decided to forgive him for existing. I have hopes they'll be friends in another few days.


  1. Aw, that looks like my Dottie. And as someone who has introduced a new cat before, I can tell you it will go one of two ways. When we got Marty, Dottie refused to so much as look at him for about a week. Then she tolerated him. Now she loves him, and he's like her baby. She cleans him daily, and they sleep curled into eachother.

    And then...there was Theo. Theo hated Marty from the second we brought him in the house. There was a lot of hissing and fighting. They have now settled into a truce. As long as Marty doesn't get too close to Theo, all is well. But if the tip of Marty's tail so much as brushes Theo's fur, there is much hissing to be had. Which can be quite hilarious when Marty gets playful and decides to tackle Theo. :)

  2. I kid you not, I got one JUST like it night before last. Except my cat's tail does not bob. It twitches with pleasure as it eats its tuna.

    I was not planning on getting a cat. Kinda wanted one, but not the trouble. (Have had cats before. Baby's and litter box-house too small for that!)

    But one was being chased by neighbors. My son found it later when they tried to get it to run again. It was wheezing and eyes gubered and scared to death. My husband told our kids we could keep it.

    I cannot believe he did that. I am still laughing when he's not looking. He's always saying no to animals. Until a little tiny nothingness comes around. Don't tell him I gave away his secret. LOL

    Now, kitty has lost wheeze most of time, cleans itself and meows demandingly when it wants to eat. Less than 24 hours after getting him. He has now successfully spent 2 nights in row with kids and rules the roost.

  3. Awww! He's adorable! Maybe he will be a non-spastic cat.


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