Saturday, June 26, 2010

YA Project: Storyboard for ASYLUM

I thought it would be interesting to post a blog of what starting a new project looks like to me. I make a playlist, find setting pics, find character pics, and play around with back story/story set up details. It looks something like this:

Playlist song #1: Sleep Well, My Angel by We Are The Fallen

Notes: Any more songs by this artist that work for this story? Found five.

Setting: Breckenridge Asylum, located in a secluded forested area of South Carolina. Owned by Marcus Holt, weapons and technology developer.

Notes: Are they allowed outside? Where do they dump the bodies? There must be a way out. Also, must be a way to keep them in. Find images.

Playlist song #2: For You by Staind

Notes: Find other songs by this artist for playlist? Found four.

Plot Notes: (must brainstorm/flesh these out)

*Rules of magic

*How are they committed?

*Holt's agenda? Why? How far is he willing to go? Why? What does that mean for the characters?

*Who are the secondary characters? Need patients, staff, and Holt's second in command.

*What are the rules inside the Asylum?

Playlist Song #3: Your Decision by Alice in Chains

Note: Find more by this artist? Found three.

Main Characters:

Abbie: Was a rebel until she was committed. Thinks she's crazy and deserves her fate so doesn't fight it until Blake wakes her up to Holt's true agenda.

Blake: Was a straight-laced, honor roll kid until committed. Knows he isn't crazy and fights his fate every second of every day. Furious to be locked inside Breckenridge.

Playlist Song #4: Lacrymosa by Evanescence

Note: Other songs from this artist? Found three.

I'll add more to this as the story takes shape. The characters will have paragraphs of background and so will the setting. I'll know what everyone's agendas are and how that puts them in conflict with each other. I'll know which agendas reach beyond this book and need to be layered in carefully so the character still has more to achieve/fight for later. But this is the beginning of any story for me.

Now, off to add more words to ASYLUM.


  1. Oddly enough, I just added Lacrymosa and Weight of the World to the playlist for my WIP.

    You're storyboard looks very much like the file I build for each project.

    Although you're a little more organized than I am. : )

    Happy writing!

  2. Wow! Great settings and characters. You're off to a terrific start!!!

  3. Interesting glimpse into your writing process, CJ. Thanks :)

  4. Wow, just, WOW

    I already had high respect for you as writer and mother, and now...

    Thanks for being an awesome inspiration. Although, The only time I was anywhere near that organized, my story froze at 14k. I'm definitely a panster

    Thanks for the insight.

  5. Writermom- Evanesence lends itself well to writing, doesn't it?

    Kathi - Thanks! I certainly hope so.

    Gretchen - It's an evolving process. Each mss I write gives me another glimpmse into how my creativity works best and I keep refining the process.

    Leona - lol I'm a Pantser too. Although I've become a Pantser with Plotting Tendencies because I got tired of writing myself into corners and having to chuck 20k because it no longer worked. Having a sense of the story's structure helps keep my plot on track.

  6. Holy Crap---this story sounds awesome already. When can I buy it? (And I'm guessing this is the one Holly steered you toward. If so, kudos to her!)

    I can already see the cupcake...

  7. *wants to read this right now*


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