Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Word Of The Week

Horror: (noun) The condition one finds oneself in when one realizes the song stuck in one's head for the last hour belongs to that memoir-writing teen sensation Justin Bieber.

Bonus Word:

Mortification: (noun) The result of admitting in public one has unwittingly memorized part of a Justin Bieber song.


  1. HA! So agree. That kid's hair weirds me out...

  2. Now that IS truly frightening! Hope you get over it soon! :)

  3. Oh dear. Do we need to get the Spork of Doom out? Someone force-feeding you this? We shall gather them up and tie them in knots, set the Zombie Goat after them, and then the Spork of Doom shall test them to see if they are done.

    If you're not being force-fed? *wails,sigh* I'm so sorry. I'll send flowers.

  4. I'm sorry -- what's a Justin Bieber?

  5. LOL! It's okay. I've been on an internal Britney kick lately. (Thanks a lot, Glee.)


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