Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Super Secret YA Project

I promised you a post on my current writing project, even though I'm not going to give away any incriminating specific details. My deadline is March 15th. *left eye twitches slightly*

I respond strongly to visuals when writing, so one of the first steps for me in any new project is to find a few (Very few ... I like to keep my imagination free to make up my own details.) pictures that help set the scene for me.

Like this one:

And this one:

And then I start listening to my characters so I can get to know them. One of the best ways for me to a) get to know my characters and b) create the atmosphere/mood for the story is to build a playlist specific for that story. The narrator of the story usually drives most of the playlist. The narrator of my current project is Rachel and her songs sound like this:

And this:

Sometimes, I know a specific scene is coming, and I search for a song just for that scene. For this project, I needed the following song for a scene that happens near the end of the book:

And then I usually head back to Google searching for a picture that most closely matches how I see my main characters.

Here's Rachel:

Here's Quinn:

Here's Logan:

I never know exactly how a project will sound until I start writing it. For this one, I was 500 words into it before I realized I was writing in present tense. It works for the story, and I like it, I'm just surprised it came so easily without me having to think it through.

So, it isn't much, I know, but that's the project I'm working on now. I even have a working title (a much BETTER working title than the Something Hinky On The Mountain title I had for Casting Stones...), and now I'm off and running.


  1. I heart your Quinn. Thanks for sharing. It's always fun to know the process other writers use. Can't wait to know more! :)

  2. Ditto--love hearing about your process (and love seeing what inspires you!) Good luck with the super sekrit project.

  3. How exciting to have such a cool project going, CJ. I hope you have a blast writing the story. All I can say is that if Rachel has to choose between those two pieces of eye candy, she's got one tough decision ahead of her. =)

  4. Ooo, sounds like a fun project! Love the pics and the songs.
    Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

  5. I never thought about adding a playlist to my creative outlet. Good idea! Love the pictures too. ;)

  6. Yay for new projects. And OMG I'm sold by your character pics. SOLD. *taps foot impatiently for the pages I'm hoping you'll eventually let me beta* :)

  7. Something Hinky on the Mountain!!! I love it!!! Oh, wait, you changed it.

  8. Now that's just not fair. Taunting with pictures of gorgeous characters & good music. Not to forget the fireball.
    I want to read it now!!! Yes, I do realize that it isn't written yet, but that won't stop me from wanting to read it.


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