Monday, January 10, 2011

Tortilla, Thou Art My Nemesis

1. Yes, I know it isn't a cat. But seriously? This pic made me laugh so hard, I had to have it for my blog.

2. Also? I don't really want to meet a wombat in person. It looks like a cross between a beaver and Dracula. No. Thanks.

3. I got super organized this past weekend (le gasp) and revamped my workshop website. I also listed the dates for every upcoming workshop for the entire 2011 year. Take a look, register if you need some help writing a query or synopsis, or if you want help understanding pacing and plot structure. And of course, feel free to send other writers my way!

4. Along with revamping my workshop site, I lined up some Really Fun Stuff for the blog this month.

5. For example, this Wednesday, Maggie Stiefvater, author of SHIVER and LINGER, will take on the infamous Jack Sparrow in the first cupcake interview of 2011. She's offering a signed copy of LINGER as a prize to one lucky commenter!

6. I've yet to break the news to my hubby that once again I require his cake-art skillz.

7. I guess he'll figure it out when I start baking cupcakes tomorrow.

8. Of course, those of you who read about his Dastardly Deed will know I don't feel the slightest bit guilty.

9. My birthday was this past Saturday.

10. He wisely did NOT shop for my gift in our closet. Or our garage. Or anywhere in the immediate vicinity of our house.

11. He falls asleep first, you know, and I have very few scruples when it comes to revenge.

12. I went out with a friend for brunch on my birthday and ended up ordering one of my favorites -- a southwest chicken salad.

13. Halfway through the meal, I took a bite, tried to wrestle an uncooperative crispy tortilla strip into my mouth, and ended up accidentally shoving it up my nose instead.

14. Yes.

15. At this rate, none of my friends are going to want to be seen in public with me anymore.

16. Unless it just makes them look good by comparison.

17. Anyway, enough about my new nemesis the tortilla strip. I was discussing the Really Fun Stuff planned for the blog.

18. In addition to Maggie Stiefvater, I have Abbie Zidle, an editor at Pocket Books, and author Lilith Saintcrow (Yes, the one I've been known to fanatically somewhat enthusiastically rave about) lined up for cupcake interviews too.

19. And I have some year end Top Ten lists that you may or may not find fun/interesting. If you like them, yay. If not, just imagine me with a tortilla strip up my nose and consider yourself entertained.

20. And now, I'd love to talk some more, but I must go rescue a teddy bear from the rather enthusiastic amorous advances of our dog.


  1. Really, tortilla--nose, is such a thing possible? Hard to imagine. Or hard to forget, right? Had a good laugh over that!! Definitely entertained! Happy 2011!!

  2. I guess my sloppiness at the table has rubbed off on you.
    I do apologize.
    Thanks for the Laugh...
    I needed that

  3. Hope you had a great birthday. Can't wait for Maggie Stiefvater's interview. I'll be back then for sure. I even wrote myself a note to be sure I don't forget.

  4. Happy Birthday, CJ!

    I've actually had the opportunity to meet a number of Australian native animals in my lifetime, being an Aussie, and we've even got a few hopping/scratching/sniffing around in the wild.

    You'll be very pleased to know that the critter above is in no way on God's green earth a wombat. Wombats, while large, lumbering and often smelly, never -- ever -- make you wish you'd popped a spare pair of underpants into your backpack. They're always brown, they snooze a lot, and they're kinda cute in a waddly, ponderous way. They never have fangs, which aren't that handy for eating grass and roots. I'm not sure if they take well to walks, either, but you never know until you try.

    So, definitely not a wombat, even of the immortal kind. I'm going for cat, or maybe gargoyle.

    I do hope your nose has recovered, and I enjoy your posts!


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