Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How Many Brain Cells? Let Me Count Them...

Yesterday's stats:

1. Received an email from an author friend telling me she'd taken the liberty to pitch me to her agent and her agent was interested so please send a partial.

2. Sent the partial along with a warm thank you to my friend. Having other authors believe in my work is an unbelievable gift.

3. Spent much of the day writing. Total word count: 6400

4. Yes. That's right. 6400 words in ONE DAY.

5. I think I have about 24 brain cells left.

6. Nope, make that 23.


  1. Freaky. I had a dream the other night where a published friend referred both you and Katy to their agent and you guys ended up getting contracts.

  2. LMAO.

    I hope not, cause I also dreamed the same night that I was covered in grasshoppers. Blech.

    Though.. I have to say, as far as work stuff, I have dreamed about EVERY place I've worked at before I worked there. Sometimes years before. *grins* At least my subconcious mind is pulling for you guys lol

  3. Talent will get you only so far in this business, baby, but talent combined with your gift for giving people warm fuzzy feelings about you = full of win.

  4. 6400 words in one day? ....PLEASE!!

    YOU speak at least 500,000. Writing a small portion should be nothing for you " O' Queen of Loquaciousness "


  5. Kerry- lol. May you be psychic too. :)

    Paul- Oh reeaally? Easy, huh? Hmm...well, I disagree with the 500,000 number (especially on a writing day where I barely speak to anyone at all)...I've heard it said that women speak about 10,000 words a day.

    That means I typed (in gorgeous, lithe, fast-moving prose) 65% of the words available to me that day.

    Men are said to speak about 3000 words a day. That means you should be able to type (in gorgeous, lithe, fast-moving prose) 1950 words today just to prove how easy it really is.

    Better get started. =D

  6. Way to go, CJ! That's a lot of writing.

    Loved your post on the Olympian. Very inspiring.

    Have a good day! (You can write a few less words today!)


  7. My my! That is a lot of writing once I checked it out. Not that I didn't believe the amount to be impressive. It's just that I try to avoid working with numbers, so I had to "see" it visually with my own current piece. I bow to thee! {bow}

  8. If I had an agent, I'd sure be telling him/her about Shadowing Fate. That story is amazing. And friends of CJ, you heard it here: it's gonna be her breakout novel.


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