Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Jobs" is a Three-letter Word

1. I'm posting my usual "week in review" on Thursday because I'll be offline all day tomorrow.

2. *gasp, choke*

3. I don't know how I'll survive.

4. My hubby showed me a video clip of Biden saying McCain's economic plan didn't address the number one issue facing the middle class--a three letter word---JOBS.

5. Daredevil instantly pointed out that "jobs" has four letters.

6. We told him that knowledge qualified him to be Vice President of the United States.

7. He wasn't interested.

8. He says it's because being VP sounds like a stupid, boring job.

9. We think it's because he clings to his dream of world domination and, to date, no VP has ever managed that sort of global impact.

10. The Explorer is fixed and back in action.

11. I'm still considering the vehicular arson option I mentioned earlier.

12. I know it's only a matter of time before the Piece and the 9-4 conspire against us again.

13. My parents are visiting until this coming Tuesday and we are all leaving for Kentucky in an hour to visit a theme park/museum/place that has life-size dinosaurs, a replica of Noah's Ark and other interesting things.

14. The kids are excited to stay in a hotel tonight.

15. Last night, at work, I had a string of incredibly rude people.

16. Sometimes it just works like that. I had two tables stiff me (although they got great service), one table told me how wonderful I was and how much they enjoyed having me as their waitress and then rounded up their bill to leave me 4 cents, and a man took seven boys out to dinner (and don't think I didn't run my feet into the ground for that crew!) and left me ONE DOLLAR while he gave each boy $5 to spend on candy out in the store.

17. I wanted to go throw the dollar back in his face and tell him what I thought of him (which would have certainly cost me with my manager) but cooler heads prevailed.

18. I was discouraged and upset and then I went to pick up my credit card tips and realized I had $13 more than I should.

19. Turns out three of my friends felt so bad about my night, they all gave some of their tips to me.

20. Just when I begin to lose faith in humanity in general, the people who love me do something like that to restore it.

21. Reader Question: They're planning a remake of My Fair Lady. Do you think this is a good idea? Bad idea? Why?


  1. Well, if Joe said "jobs" was a 4-letter word, people would equate it with those OTHER 4-letter words that Daredevil surely has not been exposed to.

    By the way, where do I pick up an application to be one of Daredevil's minions when the world domination thing works out for him? (I'd do it myself, but it's SO much responsibility...)

    RQ: Probably bad. I like the Hepburn/Harrison movie and its stage-like production values. I envision a remake with typical modern overblown cinematography and ZOMG Keirakeirakeirakeira!!!1!, which would take away all the charm of the original for me.

    Now, if they were going to modernize it with explosions and car chases full frontal nudity (depending on who's playing Higgins), that would be a whole nother ball o' wax...

    (And as an aside, as soon as you mentioned MFL, Johnny Depp came to mind as making a owsome Enry Iggins, with all the character's priss and questionable sexuality and, in this particular portrayal, a few bodies of former flower girls buried in the cellar...)

  2. *refrains from smacking stupid customers*

    I'd never last a day in food-service, you have my admiration that you can do it. :D

    I think it's a bad idea to remake My Fair Lady, but then I'm a huge Audrey Hepburn fan and can't see anyone else in that role.


  3. Dinosaurs and Noah's Ark in one place? Jeepers. I bet some overly devout person is up in arms about THAT one.

    I'd never last in food service either. For many reasons.

    Regarding My Fair Lady you'd have to ask my partner Bart about that one! He's told me about it eons ago, but I don't fully remember his feelings. If I remember to ask him, I'll get back to you with "our" opinion.


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