Thursday, May 6, 2010

Help Nashville

I'm shocked at the lack of national news coverage on the disaster Nashville suffered over the weekend. Entire neighborhoods are under water. Most of the historic downtown district is under water. The Grand Ole Opry and the Opryland Hotel are under water. Most of the people who lost everything don't have flood insurance because they weren't in a flood zone. Shelters are overflowing. Cities in the surrounding area are on day five of no power. Water supplies are compromised and everyone is rationing.

The awesome news is, our community is pulling together to help each other and YOU can be a part of it by bidding on some amazing books (and other goodies). All proceeds go to benefit Nashville flood victims. Please go here and check it out. We need your help.


  1. I agree - this is an awesome response to an overwhelming tragedy. I hope people are generous.

  2. Stay safe and don't forget your floaties.

  3. Well I wanted the Bree Despain books, but noooo, everyone has made it too high in price now! I notice you snagging a bunch of stuff! LOL

    I think you ought to share this stuff with me! LOL


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