Monday, May 10, 2010

Retribution (aka Pirate Kitty)

1. Agent of Awesomesauce Holly sent the above pic to four of her darling clients (Yes, I was one of them. No, this time I wasn't the ringleader.) who each threatened to send her a crappy first draft at the end of this month.

2. I believe she said something about retribution.

3. Sadly, while I'd LOVE to see what sort of retribution she had in mind, the past three and a half weeks of being sick and then recovering from surgery have derailed any possibility of getting even a crappy first draft done in time.

4. I leave it to my sisters in crime to get the dirty deed done instead.

5. Speaking of being sick, I am THANK GOD feeling better.

6. My stomach still protests a bit when I move, but I've pushed myself physically each day and am vastly improved.

7. I'm glad to be rid of my rebellious gall bladder.

8. My sister suggested I have the surgeon leave a "You're next" note on my spleen and my appendix in case either of them decided to stage a coup.

9. Unfortunately, I was too busy telling the nurse I'd eat her liver to remember those instructions.

10. I'll just have to take my chances.

11. This week is back to blogging as usual with a bonus: Last week's scheduled interview will be posted today which means you get TWO awesome opportunities to win fabulous book prizes this week.

12. Also, the bidding on the Do The Write Thing For Nashville auction is going strong! I donated a registration to one of my query workshops (you pick which workshop to join). Win that and you also win your pick of a cool piece of writer's gear from Romance Yardsale. Bidding closes tonight at midnight so hurry over to the site and check it out!

13. Off to put together today's fabulous interview. Check back soon!

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  1. I have woefully ignored my blog-reading duties. I loved this post. I'm SO glad you're feeling better. <3 you!


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