Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eyes Like Stars Act III

The next installment in the adventures of author Lisa Mantchev (Eyes Like Stars hits your local bookstore next week!) and four very mischievous fairies. If you missed the first two installments, go here and here.

(The fairies are in a tremendous hurry to finish, as Lisa has now eaten her fruit roll-up gag.)

Moth: Shove another peanut butter cup in her piehole!

Peaseblossom: I dunno... she might go into a diabetic coma, and then what happens to us?

Cobweb: Hm. Good point.

Mustardseed: I think the trick is just to be far, far away by the time she undoes the knots in the licorice.

Lisa: Just wait until I get back on the laptop. I'm writing a scene where you all eat broccoli. In the bathtub. While someone reads Goethe to you.

ALL: (chorus of screams) NOT THE BROCCOLI!

Peaseblossom: Maybe we should ask her some real interview-type questions. Like "what's inspired you to write this book?"

Moth: Yawn-tastic. How about "if you were going to exact revenge upon someone, what kind of explosives would you use?"

Mustardseed: Or, "what's your favorite method of extracting boogers and ear-wax?" That's actually a useful question.

Lisa: There's a difference, Mustardseed, between useful and disgusting.

Cobweb: O-ho! Look who's Miss Hoity-Toity! I saw you cleaning up that crusty Princess of yours last night!

Lisa: (unbeknownst to the Fearsome Foursome, has now untied the licorice ropes and is awaiting the right moment to grab all of them and exact revenge) That crusty Princess inspired you guys, so show a little respect. Er. Never mind. Forgot who I was talking to there, for a minute.

Peaseblossom: (peering upside-down at Lisa) Why are you eyeballing the duct tape?

Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion and order Eyes Like Stars now!


  1. While I am in full support of your revenge, please be kindest to Pease. You know she does try to keep the boys in line...sometimes.

    Having just finished their first adventure, I shudder at the thought of them being unleashed upon the world, so I wholeheartedly agree with the duct tape.

    My kitties are licking their chops as I type, so perhaps you might be getting some unexpected help.


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