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I Succumbed to The Crazy

1. It's 5:30 a.m. the Friday morning after Thanksgiving. 2. I've been up since 4. 3. Why? 4. Target. Door busters. Boys who love electronic gadgets for Christmas. 5. Ugh. 6. It's my first time braving the crowds on Black Friday because crowds generally make me behave in ways that could get me arrested. 7. (Case in point: the time I rammed another shopper's cart out of the middle of the aisle during back to school shopping.) 8. (The other "case in point" I can't tell you about because the police still don't have any suspects and why put myself on the radar if I don't have to?) 9. I got to the store at 4:40 a.m. (it opened at 5) and discovered the line was already wrapped around the building. 10. I'm an amateur. I get it. 11. I also got what I came for by making up for lost time--I refused a cart and instead employed the old bob, weave, and ram technique to reach my quarry before it was sold out. 12. Now I'm home and my right eye


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Grand Prize Winner!

Congratulations to Jennifer Parker, author of the Rewrite! Twilight entry #1. Your number was picked out of a hat to be the grand prize winner of a 50 page manuscript critique by yours truly. Email me at cjredwine01 (at) yahoo for further instructions and congratulations!

Yay for Blog Awards!

Thanks to Shannon Messenger , I was nominated for the Honest Scrap award. Apparently, the purpose of this is to make me tell 10 honest things about myself. As if you didn't already have enough of my life shoved in your face on a near daily basis. Here goes: 1. This isn't the first blog award I've received. I think it's the fifth. But usually the process of claiming, reposting, and nominating others feels really overwhelming to me and my five minutes of free time so I thank the nominator and move on. In fact, I was nominated today for another award on a different blog. It remains to be seen if I find the time to pick that one up, though I was deeply honored. 2. I used to lick play doh. It never tasted good. But it looked pretty, so on the off chance that this time it would taste how it looked, I licked it every time I played with it. 3. My favorite color is red because it's dramatic, bold, fun, lively and still maintains some classy sophistication. I once read

Beam Me Up, Scotty!

1. In my last post, I invited commenters to guess which two items on my list of things researched for Casting Stones weren't true. 2. The correct answer is: buttermilk pancake recipe and the founders of Oliver Springs, Tennessee. 3. Sadly no one got the right answer so no prize this time, but I've learned my lesson. 4. I'll make the next guessing contest easier. =D 5. In other contest news, I'll be posting the winner of the 50 page critique tomorrow! 6. Starshine recently decided to speak to us using interpretive dance as his main mode of communication. 7. Of course, if we don't get his meaning right away, he follows that up with his usual stream of consciousness. 8. I work every day this week through Thanksgiving which means we'll be eating a late dinner on T-day. 9. I have no idea why any of you would find that fact interesting. 10. I had a commenter recently volunteer to be a moderator on this blog. 11. *looks around at her regular readers* 12.

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's A ... Goat?

1. There is so much wrong with that picture. 2. Bad enough we have to defend ourselves against them on the ground. 3. Now they have the ability to drop out of the sky like horizontal-eyed goat bombs. 4. * is not pleased * 5. When we took the kids to see the sneak peek of A Christmas Carol, we were handed those blocky, black plastic Hey! I'm A Whiz At Calculus And Other Impractical Math Functions! 3-D glasses. 6. Daredevil put his on and they slid to the end of his nose. 7. Looking at me over the rims, he put his finger on the bridge of the glasses, slid them up his nose, and said "Get your nerd on." 8. I nearly peed my pants laughing. 9. I spent the weekend with some dear friends in the eastern Tennessee mountains. 10. They'd graciously offered me the use of their upstairs guest room to have a writing weekend. 11. It was wonderful to write Casting Stones and be able to look out the window at the setting for Casting Stones . 12. We even took a quick tr

Point A to Point B

The other day, a ( probably ) well-meaning co-worker ( eavesdropped ) overheard a conversation between a friend and me regarding Casting Stones , the book I'm currently writing. ( Please note it is no longer known by the generic Lilli's Book One although that title had a certain State The Obvious charm to it .) In the conversation, my friend asked how the writing was coming along and I told her I needed to really get a chunk done in the next few weeks to hit my deadline. ( By chunk I mean Holy Nearly Unattainable Word Count, Batgirl !) I then explained that it usually takes me around 4 1/2 hours to craft a 3000 word chapter. The ( probably ) well-meaning co-worker chimed in with the pithy advice that if I already know what is going to happen in each chapter as I sit down to write (And yes, on this book, I actually DO know what's going to happen before I write the chapter ... I know. My Pantser universe sort of cracked and fell off its axis this time.) it shouldn't ta

10 Things I Need According to Google

I just performed a quick Google experiment by doing a search for "C.J. needs." Here are the top ten results: 1. C.J. needs a laxative : If I was the C.J. in question on this post, I'd be handing out certain consequences and repercussions to the person in my life who thought my internal plumbing emergency worthy of a blog post. 2. C.J. needs to become the region's highest appellate court : Um. * looks around * I thought I already was. 3. C.J. needs a hip replacement : I'd feel sorry for this C.J. if I wasn't sort of jealous. I'd rather need a hip replacement than worry I might need a lobotomy instead. (Have you read how many times I've hit my head in the last few years?! Oy.) 4. C.J. needs a vacation : Preach it, sister. 5. C.J. needs numbers : Hm. 12. 3894. 9495793857892020. There you go. Glad to help. 6. C.J. needs to go : Perhaps this C.J. should hook up with C.J. #1. 7. C.J. needs to have a Dairy Queen : A whole Dairy Queen? Really? Cause I&

Friday Flashback

Today's Friday Flashback post comes from July 2007. The month I discovered the invention of the Hind Motion Sensor Tanktop. Enjoy.

Wash, Rinse ... No, really. Rinse.

1. We went to a sneak peek of the new Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey on Monday night. 2. It was WOW amazing. 3. Not suitable for younger kids because thankfully the producers stuck to the dark, chilling aspects of the story and there are some freaky cool visuals. 4. I might be going to a sneak peek for New Moon in two weeks. 5. Some of you hate me right now. 6. Others of you are laughing your fool heads off at me. 7. I'm doing it for Myra. 8. Myra and I don't see eye to eye on music, clothing, tv shows, most movies, and how to drive on a freeway, but we love each other so that makes our friendship work. 9. Plus, we're both sort of aliens on this planet. 10. V! 11. Saw it. Loved it. 12. Anna, the V spokesperson, is a spitting image of my agent Holly. 13. Minus the eeeevvvviiiiillll, of course. 14. Although, something tells me Holly could flip a switch if she were so inclined. 15. One last thing: 16. When one is tired, and one decides to take care of basic