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I've been sitting on this news for over a week, now. Remember last week when I said part of my May was WOW? This is the WOW, announced in Publisher's Lunch today: CJ Redwine's THE COURIER'S DAUGHTER, a YA fantasy debut in which an independent girl sets out to rescue her father from the Wasteland outside their cloistered city and in the process finds danger, heartbreak, and a new romance with her father's apprentice, to  Kristin Daly Rens  at  Balzer & Bray , at auction, in a three-book deal, by  Holly Root  at  Waxman Literary Agency   I'm so thrilled. I have no idea how to make this font look like the font I started with, but my status as resident TechIdiot doesn't matter because I sold!! :) I'm really excited to work with Kristin. I had phone calls with each of the editors interested in my book, and I took detailed notes. Except with Kristin. I got so caught up in enjoying the conversation with her, that I didn't take a single note. When

Bring Your Crazy To ME

This picture has absolutely nothing to do wth this post. 1. What a terrible blogger I've been this week! 2. Feel free to sternly admonish me, or slip a little money toward Beth Revis for her next dastardly assault against my person. 3. I don't know how it can possibly be the middle of May already. 4. I suspect nargles had something to do with it. 5. My May has been full of BUSY and WOW and YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. 6. The BUSY is kind of boring, actually. It involves working the day job, neglecting my email account, fighting a losing battle with the laundry, and desperately trying to keep food in my cupboards. 7. Three boys (1 teenage, 2 almost)? Eat like maybe this meal, THIS MEAL, this one they're eating five seconds after their last meal, will be all the food they ever see again. 8. I've taken to hiding food just to make it last. 9. I've advised them that perhaps they should educate themselves on any edible foliage available in Middle Ten

Tin Foil Hat!

1. A list on Thursday? *cue gasp* 2. Yes. Because somehow, Monday-Wednesday slipped into a swirling vortex of DOOM, never to be heard from again. 3. But during my stint in the vortex of DOOM, I had an encounter which must be blogged. 4. It went like this: Me : Welcome to your first day of training! I've had lunch served for us. If you could please be seated, we'll eat, and then get started. New Employee : *sits* *looks at food* This looks good. I ate something earlier because I had to take medication for my __insert incomprehensible medical term here__. They say never to take medication on an empty stomach. The last time I did that, I was puking my toenails up for a week. Me : *pushes own food away* How charming. NE : I mean, you can't mess with an empty stomach, you know? Me : I'm aware. NE : *takes a huge bite and leans forward* So, do you think the world is going to end in 2010 like they say it is? Me : I beg your pardon? NE : The world? Do you

Search Term: FAIL

Every now and then, I check to see what search terms are leading hapless readers to my blog. This time, I found a few that are simply too strange not to share. 1. Don't start nothing you can't finish: I feel to truly understand this search phrase, I may need a lesson on how, exactly, one starts nothing and then proceeds to finish it. 2. Man the Jelly-hole, Captain! : I don't even want to know. Actually, I do want to know, but that's the sort of intrepid curiosity that once got my tongue stuck to a block of salt in a GOAT PEN, so .... no thank you. Lesson learned. 3. Are ostriches suicidal?: They can be. I think if you combine their suicidal tendencies with their clear anxiety and avoidance issues (Why else would they stick their heads in the sand to hide from predators?), it's pretty clear someone should be slipping some Prozac into their food supply. 4. Cupcake discrepancy : I don't know what kind of discrepancy this searcher had in his cupcake, but