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QUERY: Everything You Need to Get Started, Get Noticed, and Get Signed covers everything from basic query format to agent research to innovative strategies for creating a fabulous hook. The handbook gives examples, worksheets, and tools to enable every writer to query well. For writers seeking publication, QUERY will provide practical, usable assistance for every stage of the querying process.

Available now for $2.99!

Synopsis Workshop Handouts

Need help writing an amazing synopsis? Now you can purchase the handouts I used in my popular Synopsis Workshop. It's your comprehensive guide to writing a compelling, concise synopsis!

Topics Covered:
  • What a Synopsis is and what it is not
  • When to write a synopsis
  • Correct formatting
  • How long a synopsis should be  
  • How to identify the Voice of your manuscript & use it in your synopsis
  • Which plot elements need to be included
  • How to break your plot up into three key areas
  • How to identify plot arcs and emotional landmarks
  • How to pace your synopsis

Format: Handouts will be emailed to you as a Word.doc attachment.

Cost: $30

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