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C.J. Redwine writes speculative fiction and is represented by Holly Root of Waxman Leavall Literary Agency. Her DEFIANCE trilogy is available from Balzer + Bray. Her book QUERY: How to Get Started, Get Noticed, and Get Signed is available on Kindle and Nook. C.J. has an English degree and a teaching credential from Pepperdine University. She's spent the last five years teaching workshops on all areas of writing. C.J. regularly offers workshops online and can also be booked for teen workshops at schools and libraries, as well as adult workshops at conferences, writing chapters, and book festivals.

Available Workshops/Book Talks:

Query/Blurb Writing 101: Everything you need to know to write a stellar query or blurb! Includes the basics of querying, a foolproof formula for writing an exciting description of your story, and some on-the-spot query critiques as time permits.

5 Mistakes New Authors Make And How To Avoid Them: Publishing has a steep learning curve. Cut that learning curve in half by learning what mistakes you're currently making and how to easily correct them! New York Times best selling author C.J. Redwine will walk you through the process in this fun, interactive workshop and send you on your way feeling equipped and inspired.

The Art of Deep Characterization: Memorable stories are stories whose characters resonate with the reader. But how do you create a cast of unique, vivid characters that linger with readers long after the story is done? New York Times best selling author C.J. Redwine teaches her process for deep characterization using your characters' primary fears. Watch your characters come to life!

Dragons, Steampunk, and Wizards, Oh My!: Worldbuilding is an essential skill in the toolbox of every speculative fiction writer. Join New York Times best selling author C.J. Redwine and learn how to think through every aspect of your world, how to make rules that work for both the world and your story, and how to create an aesthetic that invites the reader to believe the world is far bigger than what you've put on the page. 

Cinderella ... Version 2.0: So you want to write fairytale retellings, but you aren't sure where to start? Join C.J. Redwine, author of the New York Times best selling Ravenspire retelling series, and learn how to choose the right story, how to make it your own, and how to deliver that wow factor to your readers.

Managing Anxiety & The Creative Life: For many creatives, anxiety can become a damaging partner in the creative process. New York Times best selling author C.J. Redwine draws on research and studies done by qualified therapists to teach you 13 easy-to-use  anxiety management techniques that work for the creative life. Come anxious, leave calm and equipped!

Book Talk: A discussion of my journey from a middle school student who filled spiral notebooks with stories to a New York Times best selling author. Includes the years of rejections I received, even after signing with a literary agent, and a look at the publishing process. Appropriate for upper elementary, middle school, and high school.


Speaker fee for workshops, conferences, or retreats: $200 an hour or $800 for a full day (must include two one hour breaks).

Skype fee: $100 for 30 minutes (discounts offered if you buy 20 or more books).

School Visits: Please email for a quote.

To arrange a workshop, please email C.J.'s

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