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AwkwardFlail FTW

1. Oh, reader. 2. I had my first official author event this past weekend. 3. It was a trial run which should probably be titled "C.J. Tries To Be Authorly In Public." 4. The subtitle is "AwkwardFlail." 5. The fine print reads "If you invite C.J. to an event, and you haven't done your research, you deserve the spectacle you're about to witness." 6. What happened, you ask? 7. I was invited by the lovely people in the Heart of Dixie RWA chapter to host one of the tables at their annual Reader Appreciate Luncheon. 8. The event was wonderful. Fun, high energy, and very well attended. 9. There was a meet and greet beforehand, and then a fancy catered lunch, and then gift baskets and door prizes etc. 10. And there were photo ops. 11. Sadly, I believe my table was treated to more photo ops than anyone else. 12. I should come with a warning label. Something along the lines of "Read her blog BEFORE you meet her, and then sit nea