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I Really Should Start Paying More Attention ...

1. I had a busy week last week, mostly because I was trying to fit seven days worth of stuff into five days because I attended a writing retreat over the weekend.

2. We all know I can't leave my house without doing something absent-minded or ridiculous.

3. Usually because I'm almost always somewhere else inside my head while I try to live real life, and that often blows up in my face.

4. My week was fine until I left the house to drive to the retreat. I had to stop by Target for my contribution to the weekend's menu and then by Dress Barn to find a pair of non-denim, non-yoga pants to wear at my daughter's dedication on Sunday and to an upcoming reception for the Nashville literary community. (Although, let's be honest ... any reception for a literary community will probably include at least ONE pair of yoga pants in attendance ...)

5. I think my mistake was in stopping at Target first. Why?

6. Because the automatic doors ruined me for all other doors.

7. Ruined m…

The Ending Begins

I'm sitting down to write the final book in the Defiance trilogy now, and I have mixed emotions. Part of me is eager to finish this journey with my characters. To see scenes I've had in my head for the past two years finally come to life on the page. To do my best to give Rachel and Logan a happily ever after. But part of me feels like hanging on to them, to their story, a little bit longer. It seems like just yesterday that I sat down and let the image of a fortress, the idea of an underground dragon, and a mouthy redhead take over my brain. I'm also wondering why in the world I left myself such a tangle of plot lines and nearly impossible things to accomplish in this book. I look at the end of DECEPTION, which seemed like such a good idea at the time (and really was the only logical course of action) and kind of wish I'd just burned everything down again. Because the beginning of Book 3? Is a tricksy, tricksy hobbitses. Logan has to accomplish three mostly impossib…

Deception Cover Reveal!!

Want to see the gorgeous cover for DECEPTION?? It just went live for an exclusive cover reveal on yabookscentral. Take a look at the cover and then enter to win a signed ARC! The giveaway is international!

**Edited to add:

DECEPTION will be released 8/27/13

DEFIANCE paperback will be released 8/27/13