Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Heroic Choice

A situation that happened recently at my job is bugging me. One girl, a single mom of an adorable little girl, said horrible things to another girl, a single young girl who placed her little girl into another home through adoption at birth.

The single mom said it was a selfish, hateful act and wondered how could any mother give away their baby.

What an awful thing to say. Especially when it isn't even true.

My family is in the final stages of adopting a baby girl. She is mine in the same way my biological boys are mine. When a pregnant girl choose to give her child life and to place them in a home where they will be well-loved and cared for, she has made a courageous choice on behalf of her child.

Isn't that what mothers do?

It doesn't make her less of a mother. In fact, such an agonizing choice can only be made for the child. How unselfish is that? Most children who are placed in adopting homes are not "given away". They are given life in a way the mother, at the time, cannot give.

She is still a mother. And a heroic one at that.


  1. I love that you that you think the way you do! My brother is adopted and I would never think of him as anything other than my brother. His mother gave me the chance to love him and I thank her for that. She IS a hero and so are my parents...
    xo -t

  2. I love that think the way you do! My brother is adopted and I love his mother for giving me the chance to love him. She IS a hero and so are my parents!
    xo -t


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