Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's - Where?

This morning, my Mom went shopping at Costco. My Mom is the Queen of Coupons - she cuts, sorts, and plans her trip through the store like a general planning a battle.

As we mentioned before, my Swedish genes are diluted (unlike my mother's pureblood stock) and as a result, I get excited over coupons and then forget them at home.

So, the Queen of Coupons entered Costco and began a seek and snatch mission. Granola. Check. Ridiculously large jar of peanut butter. Check. Toilet bowl cleaner.

Not there.

She searched up and down the cleaning products aisle, drifted into the toilet paper aisle and even checked near the napkins, just in case.

Not there.

Frustrated, she asked an employee to direct her to the toilet bowl cleaner. He smiled and said, "It's in the produce section."

Well of course it is. Where else would it be? Thinking that Costco had completely lost their minds, my mom opened her mouth to tell him what she thought of this when the employee continued,

"It's in the produce section right beside the beer."

Never mind the oddity of finding these two items surrounded by fruits and veggies.

Toilet bowl cleaner and beer - I can't think of two items that go together better.


  1. Thats just weird. But, I guess if you want to clean the toilet while drinking beer and eating an orange, go for it.

  2. I was thinking more that if you drank enough beer, you would definitely be in need of some pretty strong toilet bowl cleaner.


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