Friday, September 19, 2008

Take A Look

Hey, fellow writers! Here's a blog worth checking out. Keli is one of my fellow GH finalists, one of my valued critique partners, and a trusted friend. Her latest blog posts are well-researched gems on the subject of getting started on the road to publication.

Happy reading! (PLUS, Keli always has these really cool drawings for those who leave comments!)

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  1. Aw, gee, CJ. I'm blushing.

    Truth be told, I rack my brain to come up with something to post on those days when I don't have one of my wonderful guest bloggers to make me look good.

    Since I have a heart for those who are Romance Writers on the Journey, I decided to post tips to help those who are taking their first steps on the path to publication. Romance Writer's Road Map: Part One offers six ways to connect with other writers. Part Two lists six sources of feedback for a writer seeking constructive criticism of her work.

    Thanks for linking to my blog and for saying such nice things about it. You made my day.


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