Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's Perfectly Simple

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1. Tonight, I gave Starshine explicit instructions after dinner: "Go upstairs, brush your teeth for TWO MINUTES, then get in bed and do your reading."

2. Starshine managed the first, then got sidetracked with the idea of messing around with Daredevil in my bathroom (Daredevil's explicit instructions included taking a shower.)

3. This required me to go upstairs and intervene to get everyone back on track. I shooed Daredevil into the shower, then turned to Starshine and said, "Go brush your teeth."

4. He replied, "Okay, but first I have to destroy Massachusetts."

5. Of course.

6. However, Starshine learned a valuable lesson: Dental Hygiene and Appropriate Bedtimes trump plans for World Domination (everyone knows you have to conquer Massachusetts to get anywhere) every time.

7. I was awarded an "I Love Your Blog" nomination from one of my readers (Chiron).

8. I'm honored!

9. The instructions include copying the icon, pasting it on my blog, then nominating other blogs I love and going to their blog to leave a comment so they know about their prize.

10. I've been too busy to pull it all together, but I will. I don't know if I'll choose 7 or more blogs like others have done, simply because I rarely have time to consistently read so many, but I'll certainly bestow the honor on my particular favorites (Brace yourself, Florida Girl, you're on the list.)

11. I'm pulling a looooong night of writing tonight to make up for the shambles of a schedule that was my pathetic attempt at revision this week.

12. I promised a particular agent I would get this ms. to her this week, and I have three others patiently waiting so I'll prop up my flagging energy with caffeine (though not toooo much...I want my writing to actually make sense) and stay up as long as I can manage, then finish it off in the morning if necessary.

13. Tonight, Daredevil needed math homework help.

14. It's a bit humbling to realize that much of 3rd grade math is beyond me (at least if you need to know the PROPER way to show your work...), and facing 5th grade math (for the Scientist) is an excellent way to inspire a mass extermination of brain cells I'm pretty sure I need.

15. My hubby handles all the math questions around here. I'm the go to girl for speech writing, paragraphs, vocabulary, and spelling.

16. Also, my hubby handles arts and crafts, but that's another post entirely.

17. Anyway, my hubby was helping Daredevil with his math homework, getting him to show his work (using the teacher-prescribed method), when he hit a stumbling block.

18. He spent another minute on it, then turned to me and said (in what MAY be his famous last words): "I need a simple math mind for this. Come here."

19. Turns out, he was making the solution too complicated. I don't have that problem.

20. He's lucky he has so many redeeming qualities.

21. Reader Question: What was your favorite subject in school? Does it still influence your life in any way?


  1. woman after my own heart - I love Disturbed.

  2. Now to answer the question. I LOVED math and science(esp biology) and hated English with a passion.

    If you had told me I'd grow up to be a writer some day - I would have laughed myself stupid.

    Who knew?

    As alway - you post brought a smile to my face (a guilty one as I should be doing edits)

  3. Disturbed will be in Nashville on Dec. 12th. Along with our favorite dorky pirate wannabe lead singer from Egypt Central. :-)

  4. I was a model student K-12 and hated every second of it. But it prepared me for a life of drudgery, so YAY!

    I had only three teachers I'm capable of remembering fondly: 6th grade science (taught us the art of statistics and probability through "betting" on the NFL), junior world history (assigned opinion questions for credit, which I was all over while everybody else frantically searched the textbook for the correct response), and senior English (lots of creative writing assignments without so many conditions creativity was an impossibility). Not so in love with the subjects, though.

    Most USEFUL subject: introductory typing in 6th grade. ASDF JKL; has served me well for many years.

  5. Tracey - Math AND Science? Wow. It's like we had nothing in common... LOL on reading this instead of doing revisions. I wrote it while I should have been doing revisions.

    I've decided "revisions" is really a four-letter word.

    Grayback - Ha! I don't know if I can stomach the eye-lined, tongue wagging, semi-pirate so far from Halloween. Perhaps we can buy seats and show up in time for Disturbed? I would LOVE to see them in concert.

    $50 says Paul is all over this one too.

    Kerry - I, too, was a model student. Except when I set the chemistry lab on fire. Hmmm...perhaps my kids get their pyro tendencies from me?

    And you're right. asdf jkl; is one of my favorites. =D Especially the way you use them.

  6. History, English & Etymology.

    oh and anything that required me to READ a book. lol

  7. I loved school, really. Favorites? Anything having to do with writing or theater.

    Seeing as I teach both- NAH. No influence at all ;)

    I actually loved science until science turned into math (chemistry and physics). Math always bored me. Two plus two always equals two. How lame is that??!

  8. Well, oddly I hated Science in grade school- and thought my high school biology course was the biggest waste of my life. And now I am a biology professor... go figure.


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