Tuesday, December 23, 2008

No Chores For Starshine

1. I missed posting yesterday because I spent the entire day in bed with the flu.

2. I feel somewhat better today but won't be doing anything more strenuous that walking up the stairs.

3. I met two very famous people last week at work and had no idea who they were.

4. One is Billy Adams, a contemporary of Elvis (who worked w/Elvis, actually) and a Hall of Famer.

5. The other is George Jones. George and his wife come in several times a week, but since I don't listen to country music, I didn't know who he was.

6. I noticed women interrupting his lunch to talk to him and ask for autographs and when they left, I approached him and apologized to him for those women (who were hysterically crying over meeting him, btw) bothering him. He was gracious and said he's used to it and doesn't mind giving out his autograph.

7. So I said, "Oh, that's good. What do you do?"

8. My hubby thought it was quite amusing that I asked George Jones what he does for a living.

9. I need recommendations for an inexpensive but effective water treatment system b/c the water coming out of my fridge dispenser tastes terrible.

10. The kids get to open one gift tomorrow in anticipation of Christmas. Already, the negotiating for the chance to open one of their "big" gifts has begun.

11. Tomorrow, we make candy cane cookies for Santa and follow his progress on NASA's Santa Tracker.

12. I still need to go get my supplies for Christmas dinner from the grocery store.

13. I planned to do that days ago but have either been here taking care of sick kids or was sick myself.

14. I got an email from a girl enthusiastically offering me the opportunity to link her website to mine so I could offer her FREE publicity! (Yes, that's exactly how she phrased it, including the all caps.)

15. Never mind the gall of asking someone else to promote your website while offering nothing in return...what got me was this: Her website is all about gambling.

16. I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out how anyone running a gambling website would think it a good fit for a site that links up to authors, agents, and sites within the publishing industry.

17. Her mass-market, poorly researched email went straight to my Trash file, no reply sent.

18. I introduced Starshine to the age-old concept of making a coupon book for his Dad this Christmas. He loved the idea.

19. Until I began listing suggestions like: wash the car, clean up the family room, sweep the garage...

20. I was then politely informed that Starshine would think of his OWN coupon ideas, thank you very much, and NONE of them would qualify as chores.

21. Reader Question: What is your favorite holiday dessert?


  1. You can blame six years in England for this one -

    Mincemeat pies - the little mini ones with sugar carmalized on top. MMMMMM yummy.

  2. Hm...yes, I think I will blame your years in England. I tried Mincemeat pie once and it isn't my favorite. lol.

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  4. My mom makes crabbies every year. I love them...I need to get the recipe.

  5. *laughs* I join your husband in the amusement. (though I'm not sure I'd recognize GJ by sight alone :D )

    Hmmmm Pecan pie. Which I'm making this afternoon.


  6. Publishing is a GAMBLE. Sheesh, isn't that obvious?

    Favorite holiday dessert: From mom's ancient BH&G cookbook, something inelegantly titled "Apricot Pastries." (I try to fancy it up by calling it Rugulach, but it's really not.) I haven't had them in ages, as I lack a meat grinder, which is crucial to achieve the correct consistency of the apricots.

    I have to figure out by tomorrow afternoon what I'm baking, too. I bought ingredients for four or five different things. At this moment, I'm leaning toward carrot cake.

  7. Has anybody else noted the "Sweeny Todd" undertone to all of these comments? :-)

    I'll have a pumpkin pie please.

  8. Sweeney Todd...lol. Meat grinder and mincemeat pies. It fits.

    Paul, what are crabbies? Never heard of them.

  9. Katy - Add two cups of chocolate chips to your pecan pie and you have chocolate pecan pie which, I'm told, is incredibly delicious.


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