Thursday, February 26, 2009

Major Squee!!

I'm so excited to announce that today I accepted representation from Holly Root of Waxman Literary Agency. :) Also, I'm no longer working on revising SF since Holly loves the first person version. I'll just be deepening some tension and adding to the ending and then it goes out on submission.



  1. Squee? SQUEE?!?! Is that any way for a soon-to-be-published PROFESSIONAL AUTHOR to behave?

    You should let the lowly peons do that for you.


  2. *runs around in circles and falls over*


  3. OMG!!!!!!! That is so flipping awesome.

    Yay!! I'm so excited for you hun!!

  4. Congratulations. Tell us when the book hits the market and I'll buy a copy--maybe two.

    This is wonderful news.

  5. WOOHOO!!! *tigger bounces* Congratulations, CJ! I'm so jazzed for you!!!!

  6. I'm thrilled for you!!!

    Sounds like Holly really gets you and your voice. I'm so happy she likes SF in first person. I sure do.

    Enjoy your celebration.

  7. Congratulations! I can't even imagine how exciting this is for you! A dream fulfilled! Yeah!

  8. Kerry - Since when are you a lowly peon? And do I have to pay you per squee? Are peons unionized? Do you have a motto? Peons of the World, Unite!

    Katy - Lol. You've been with me since my serious pursuit of publication started and I can't wait to put your name on an acknowlegements page!

    ND - Thanks! *beams* I'm pretty excited myself.

    Anon - Just two? They make great stocking stuffers. Or library donations. Or door stops. Or coasters. Or ...

    Lisa - Thank you!!

    Keli - You'll be on the acknowledgement page too! Your CP fingerprints are all over SF.

    Girly - Yes, it's incredibly exciting! I can't wait to start submitting to publishers.

  9. Woot!! *claps wildly* Congratualations, C.J., that's great!

  10. So awesome! I'm so happy and excited for you! And I'm glad she likes it in first person, too, because I did and was wondering why in God's name you were changing it!!! =)

  11. That is awesome CJ! I am so thrilled for you! Congratulations!!!!! :0)

  12. Congratulations!!!!! You are not going to believe all the braggin' that is being done in our neck of the woods.....Can't wait to buy a copy and get it signed by the author!!!! Much Love & Hugs B&C

  13. YAY! YAAAAAAAAY! *hugs*

    Jen ^_^

  14. I'll say congratulations on here, too - for it deserves to be said twice! Be sure and let us know the cool and/or comedic parts of the next steps! ;)

  15. Congrats on signing with Holly! I signed with her about a month ago, and she is AWESOME. I remember reading your query on FangsFurFey--yours was my favorite--and I still think about the kick ass girl in stilettos hunting bad guys sometimes. I can't wait to see your books in print! ^__^

  16. Mayberry - Thanks! :) I'm still excited.

    Jinxie - I agree. I absolutely love the first person version and the revision into third felt like pulling teeth.

    Melissa - Thanks! *bounces*

    B&C - Lol. Thanks for being so excited for me.

    Avy - Thank you!! =)

    Peter - Thank again. And yes, I will!

    Chelsea - Wow! A fellow client. *grins* How cool that you remembered my query! =) Thanks for the comment.

  17. Another Holly client here. Congrats! She is fabulous. :)


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