Thursday, May 7, 2009

Google Your Little Heart Out

It's time for another in-depth analysis of which scintillating search terms brought hapless new readers to the high-brow, sophisticated entertainment that is this blog.

1. U tube sharks eyeballs: While I don't recall posting anything about shark eyeballs, I have hosted several riveting discussions on the optometric (Look! A new word!)short-comings of goats. Perhaps those were helpful? No? Well, then next time you do a search, try actually typing out the entire word "you." Most websites don't use text-speak when crafting a domain name.

2. Milk pills: Oh, seriously. Again? This means there is more than one person out there actively trying to avoid drinking milk in its liquid form. Unless you're an astronaut or a believer that you must live in a bunker, without refrigeration, to avoid the impending Zombie Goat crisis, milk pills do not need to take up space in your pantry.

3. Hershey selling reasons: My friend, *speaks gently* Hershey doesn't need to sell reasons. For 99% of the population, chocolate is reason enough.

4. Zombie Goats: You, dear Googler, display the kind of mental acumen and common sense that is most welcome on this blog. Welcome home.

5. Oh, no she didn't!: Oh, yes, I did. Twice.


  1. My people want "human boob milking farms -peta."

    That's right, they DON'T want the PETA campaign that puts people in the inhumane conditions of a dairy farm in order to illustrate said inhumane conditions.

    They're looking for the REAL human boob milking farms.


  2. CJ,

    The WordPress dashboard displays search terms as a regular part of the stats. Most of the searches at Romance Writers on the Journey are pretty straight forward: an author's name, name of the site, query letters, etc.

    On occasion there are some that make me scratch my head, others that make me smile.

    In the last two days I've had a philosophic searcher with: "'goethe' at the moment of commitment," a probable romantic suspense author (or ???) with "pictures of face getting blown off by a," and one that made me think of you, "zebra stilettos."

  3. How do you find this out, CJ?

    I'm scared. Don't let the shark eyeballs get me O__O

  4. Kerry - Well, they know an expert when they see one... *ducks and runs*

    Keli - Hm. That DOES sound like me. Are you channeling me in your spare time?

    Avy - My stat counter records the search terms that bring people to the blog. :) I get some doozies.

  5. Angelic DaughterMay 7, 2009 at 4:28 PM

    Oooh! Optometric! :D


    Woo! Awesome!

  6. All I get are people searching how to fling poo in various ways.

  7. I was just Googling "sharks eyeballs" and up here.



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