Monday, May 4, 2009

Toast Intolerant

1. Spastic Kitten has taken to curling up in front of me while I type and shoving her head into my armpit.

2. This cannot be normal behavior.

3. I have a ridiculously long to do list today (of's Monday) but will break it up in between with a trip to the theater to see Wolverine with Paul and Dusty.

4. I've been told Wolverine is nothing but urban fantasy cotton candy...entertaining but forgettable.

5. I'm willing to make the sacrifice.

6. What I'm really excited about, though, is seeing Johnny Depp and Christian Bale together in Public Enemies this month.

7. Yesterday, hubby brought home a new bag of cat food and left it sitting on the dining room table for a moment while he dealt with other groceries.

8. As soon as his back was turned, Tinks hopped up onto the table and ripped the bag open with her teeth.

9. No, she isn't starving.

10. Yes, she had a nice full bowl of food I'd recently poured for her.

11. This had nothing to do with hunger and everything to do with her adamant belief that no packaging made by man can keep her from investigating the contents.

12. As proof of this theory, I found her in our master bathroom ripping through a package of toilet paper.

13. We now have rolls of toilet paper with chunks shredded or chewed out of them.

14. Yesterday, Starshine informed Paul that he is toast-intolerant.

15. As we had no clue what prompted this remark, we chalked it up to pure Starshineyness.

16. My hubby is spending a weekend in L.A. soon courtesy of a network that wants him to pimp their show on air next fall.

17. They offered to send me too, but finding someone to watch the boys for three days proved impossible.

18. I'll be sorry to miss a visit to our old stomping grounds.

19. Now, before attacking my writing goal for the day, I'm off to do some laundry.

20. Do try to contain your shock.


  1. I like the Wolverine movie, but then again I like stuff that most people don't.

  2. *laughs* That photo looks just like my mom's cat Kruk, who is such a patient suffering cat putting up with three little kids.

    :D Except lately he's taken to putting the three year old in her place by grabbing her by the head (without claws, impressively) and head butting her.

    The twins are apparently still young enough he knows it won't do any good. :D


  3. I love your posts. They are just so realistic, lol. I'm really looking forward to Public Enemies myself. Woohoo!


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