Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dear ...

Starshine: I think it's awesome you want to save 100k from your birthday money to purchase a Ferris wheel for our backyard. On a related note, if you ever DO get 100k for your birthday, it wasn't me who cashed the check and went to Vegas. I promise.

Acquaintance from years ago: If you don't bother to keep in touch with me, what makes you think spamming my facebook page with an ad for your new direct marketing business is going to be successful? Unless, of course, your definition of success includes me deleting you from my FB friends list. If so? Huzzah! Mission accomplished.

Johanna: I finally get to see your picture in the next few weeks. I'm absolutely giddy at the prospect.

New Employee: The spectacle you witnessed yesterday while I tried to simultaneously swallow soup, cough, and answer a question on my headset? That's just the tip of the iceberg. Consider yourself warned.

Clint: What an amazing husband you are.

Person who found my blog by searching for "need help with my ritting": I need help choosing from a host of (possibly sarcastic) responses. Shall we trade?

Author who shows me her character's personality and then proceeds to explain in great detail what I just saw: Please stop assuming I'm stupid. Kthnxbye

Jack the Cat: It disturbs me to find mangled nerf darts drowning in the dog's water. You've made your point. Stop the violence.

Blog readers: Thanks for visiting, for commenting (I love comments!) and for making me smile. And for finding me with search terms like "teflon lunatic" and "llama spits a lot." I'm honored.


  1. Those are AWESOME search parameters. What a great laugh for today!

  2. I want to know why your blog came up under Teflon lunatic...

  3. *snert* I thought my search terms were bad (thanks to you I get pulled up in any 'platypus' search imaginable) But yours definitely win. :)

  4. What? Nothing for me? Humph. It's not like you don't have YEARS worth of material...on second thought, thank you for not mentioning all that.

  5. The llama spits, too? Holy walnuts, I've been missing out on that one!!!

  6. Always tune in for my laugh of the day. Thanks for providing the hilarity!

  7. Found ur blog via Elana :D *snickers* at Jack the Cat and the Nerf-dart drowning incident. And here I was thinking my cats were the only ones who feel compelled, like, every two days to drop a blue or orange mouse into their water bowl and leave it soaking until I notice that the water is tinted.

  8. This is a great post to start my morning off. Thx


People who comment are made of awesomesauce with a side of WIN!

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