Saturday, January 22, 2011

News Flash! Weekend Edition

I am REALLY excited about next week on the blog.


Why, you ask?

Because the week went from great to HOLY COW THE AWESOME, IT BURNS! First, one of the authors I'm featuring in my top ten book picks from 2010 just agreed to do an interview on the blog. This is an author I've recently started stalking made contact with, so I'm super thrilled to have him. Also? He's the first male author on the blog. That has to be worth a party, right? Right.

Second, Lillith Saintcrow, who will take on Captain Jack this Wednesday, is now giving away not one, not two, but a signed THREE BOOK SET to one of my readers.

You see? The awesome. It burnnnnnnnsssssss.


  1. Definitely an awesome burn. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Burns like running the microwave with the door open!

  3. Way awesome! Time to stick my hat back in the ring! I've been politely letting others win. No more! :)


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