Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday's List

1. I stayed up until 3 am last night (this morning?) working on SHADOWING FATE.

2. I had plenty of help from Seattle's Best to accomplish this.

3. I am thinking of entering SF in a contest (appropriately labeled the Stilletto!) on this site.

4. I'm just not sure SF is a strong enough "chick lit" voice to really count for the Paranormal Chick Lit category - feel free to weigh in with your opinion!

5. Apparently the youngest Hanson member is now a father - a fact that makes me feel old.

6. I saw an article this weekend where a government rep whose name escapes me was pontificating (is there any word more perfect for a politician?) about gas prices and explaining to us that gas prices were simply a result of supply and demand and nothing could be done about it at the moment.

7. Hmmm...

8. So the government couldn't release some of the hundreds of thousands of reserve barrels they have in case of an emergency?

9. And the astronomical taxes levied by our government on each gallon of gas couldn't be lifted to give our economy a shot in the arm? Each state levies a tax that range from 14 cents to 33 cents per gallon plus other distribution costs and environmental taxes levied against the consumers.

10. See...the problem with pontificating politicians is that they always assume the public is stupid.

11. Some foolishly intrepid driver the other day thought he could swing out into the disappearing right hand merge lane during bumper to bumper traffic, accelerate beyond the point where the lane ended, and then nose his way back into traffic between me and another driver.

12. He failed.

13. It's hard to intimidate a driver who cut her chops on the freeways of L.A.

14. Plus I was in the 9-4, so I really didn't care about my paint job.

15. I listened to the sound track to Pirates today and became nostalgic.

16. While I loved Prince Caspian and enjoyed Indiana Jones, I admit to being sad that there is no Pirates Four in theaters this summer.

17. I'll have to watch The Curse of the Black Pearl this week just to get my Jack Sparrow fix.

18. There isn't enough hazaard pay in the world to entice me to become an ostrich wrangler.

19. I'm told the cicadas are coming to Tennessee this year.

20. I was told this a few years ago and not a single one showed up so we'll see.

21. Reader Question: After reading chapter one of SHADOWING FATE, would you agree it could stand on its own in the category of Paranormal Chick Lit? (and Katy, you've read more of it, what do you think?)


  1. I think it could pass, but I'm not the best judge since hardcore chicklit annoys me since it seems to take them awhile to get their butts in gear. I'm all for stiletto love and shopping sprees but sometimes, ugh.

    But, from what I read she's a strong female leads with a great voice and she kicks ass in stilettos, so yeah she could definitely pass, lol. If it doesn't then you know to try and find mainly urban fantasy type contests.

    Did you figure out how to kill something that doesn't exist?

  2. Lol - yes, I figured out how to kill what doesn't exist. :)

    Thanks for the feedback. When I started SF, I was thinking "I'm going to write a paranormal thriller with a chick lit voice" so I know it kind of fits but it gets pretty dark and has definite elements of horror in it and that really ISN'T chick lit at all.


  3. I think it could stand on its own, but it's a much stronger lean to UF in my opinion.


  4. I know. I can't imagine it being shelved in chick lit or having a bright pink cover...

    I just know they are really low on entries for the Paranormal Chick Lit category and it got me thinking but honestly, it's not the best fit. :)


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