Sunday, June 1, 2008

Upcoming Project

Never fear, I'm hard at work finishing SHADOWING most writers will understand, the voice of the character in the series to follow the Fates is growing increasingly loud in her demand to be heard.

I took five minutes today to write a prologue for her first book. Most likely, this will be re-written five times before the book ever comes to light but this is the first draft. Let me know what you think. =D


If I were you, I wouldn’t read this.

Not because if you keep reading, something dire and most likely fatal will happen to you, although I never discount such possibilities. Not because the story I’m about to tell isn’t interesting, for if you like magic, misdeeds, or motorcycles – and who doesn’t? – you’ll be suitably entertained.

No. If I were you, I wouldn’t read this because if you aren’t a believer in Evil, you’ll become one.

I did.

Once you become a believer, nothing you will ever hear, see, or do will change your mind. You’ll listen for voices no one else hears. You’ll tiptoe past the shadows for you’ll know what lives there. You’ll sleep with the light on.

All the lights on.

I do.

The real trouble started in the thirteenth century with six pure Druids and one betrayer. My trouble started six hundred years later with a pile of overdue bills, a Code 36 violator, and one very drunk Pixie.


  1. I like this. I love the first and last lines! You go from a fairly formal, traditional fantasy feel to the cheeky, interesting voice I've come to love in your writing on the last line and I'm intrigued at what could have happened 600 years ago that would rear its ugly head again with a drunken Pixie. :)

  2. Thanks! *grins*

    I do like a cheeky, interesting voice. =)

    As for awesome...well, we'll see if this prologue ends up even working for the series. Thanks, though. I was going for interesting with a dash of funny.

  3. Ditto what mayberry said. I was wondering if you were going to do a total 360 on your voice/style and then there's the last paragraph which just grabs you and pulls you in. Even if that doesn't make it as a prologue it's a great blurb.

  4. This is interesting!


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