Monday, January 5, 2009

Regular Routine, Here I Come

1. Tomorrow, the kids go back to school and I can resume my regular routine.

2. This means 5 a.m. wake up calls to write, hustling the kids out the door to the bus, then running off to work for the day.

3. I have a revision letter from an agent for SF so that's the first project I'll tackle, though the first book in RC is already taking shape in my head.

4. Also, Katy and I will resume our posting schedule on Swords & Stilettos, so I'll have plenty of stuff to keep me more than busy.

5. The other night, a lady at Paul's table requested coffee with extra cream.

6. He was slammed, so I brought it to her.

7. She took one look at the bowl of creamer I'd brought and said, "Oh, you're going to have to get back to that kitchen and do better than that. That won't even get me started. Get going."

8. *C.J. puts on her Oh No You Didn't face*

9. I don't respond particularly well to that sort of arrogant rudeness.

10. I went back to the kitchen, found the LARGEST bowl I could lay my hands on, filled it full of creamer, and slapped it in front of her, leaving her mouth hanging open in shock as I walked away.

11. Really, is it too much to expect people to ask for things with basic courtesy?

12. Probably.

13. Starshine's birthday is next week, and he's very excited.

14. He's invited two friends over for a sleepover on Friday night.

15. Since we've had three sleepovers in the past two weeks, I'm a little burnt out on the idea, but there you have it.

16. My birthday is this Thursday.

17. Last year, my hubby threw a party for me. First birthday party I'd had in years and it was fun.

18. No party this year, and no cake this time (At my request--he's got Starshine's cake and a wedding cake to work on and I'm caked out anyway.) so this may be a fairly quiet birthday.

19. I tried Carmex lip balm for the first time recently and discovered it's the equivalent of Ben Gay for the mouth.

20. Nothing says sexy like lips that reek of arthritis cream.

21. Reader Question: Name one genre of fiction you haven't read or won't read and tell me why. =)


  1. I don't read Westerns. I just can't work up any interest.

  2. Well considering I only read Sci-Fi/Fantasy...That means everything else. =) Just because I read what I love.

  3. I honestly can't think of any genre I haven't/wouldn't read. *ponders* I think I've hit them all at some point in time.



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