Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'll Shoot You In The Leg

1. I recently realized that I neglected to do two or three sentences from my earlier Get Me Started writing exercise.

2. Now, I'm trying to decide if I go ahead and do those three, or start the whole thing all over again.

3. I have to lock myself in my office each morning to eat breakfast while the kittens attack the door, trying to break it down and get to my cereal.

4. I've learned the hard way not to have sympathy for their pathetic meows.

5. The devious little beasts use cuteness to soften up their victims before moving in for the kill.

6. My head is slowly improving. The dr. told me to drink plenty of fluids which, while I'm sure is always a good idea, seems in this case to be code for "Nothing's going to cure this except time but I need to say something vaguely medical so there you go."

7. Besides, the more fluid I drink, the more trips to the commode I'm forced to make and is it really wise to send a dizzy klutz into a small room packed full of unyielding porcelain, marble, and wood?

8. Lost totally rocks this season.

9. Favorite dialogue exchange from last night's show: "Are we under house arrest?" "No, you're free to leave any time you want. But if you do, I'll shoot you in the leg."

10. Paul and I watched 12 Rounds yesterday (which is a colossal waste of time and I might post about it soon) with his gun sitting in the drink holder between us.

11. All those who would foolishly answer their cell phones in the middle of a movie have now been warned.

12. I went with my hubby to his favorite cake decorating supply store in Nashville and learned an interesting fact.

13. My hubby responds to that store the same way I respond to a bookstore (or a shoe store!): Instant fascination with everything and a complete inability to just pick up what he came in for and leave.

14. I had to practically drag him out so we wouldn't be late to the theater.

15. Speaking of browsing bookstores, I got into an interesting discussion on Twitter about preferring to buy my books from a brick and mortar store rather than Amazon or B & N online.

16. I understand many love the "If you bought this, you might also like this" feature, but I rarely go into a store with a specific book or author in mind. I like to wander through the aisles, pick up interesting covers, read samples and then try new stuff.

17. I go to Amazon and have no idea where to start and become quickly bored and frustrated.

18. Sooo, while I understand the adoration some have for online book shopping, I'm going to stick to my old school ways because it's most enjoyable for me.

19. Reader Question: Which do you prefer? Shopping for books online or in a brick and mortar store?


  1. I prefer brick and mortar. Usually I only buy books online if I haven't been able to find them in the store. (and for some reason I don't like ordering from the B&N store :D I'd rather go online and do it myself)


  2. Well as I said yesterday, I prefer the online version. There are a lot of reasons for this besides the "if you like this, then you might like this" feature. 1) My TBR pile is of entirely mammoth proportions and my family has forbidden me from general browsing; 2) Amazon (and other online retailers) are generally cheaper than the brick and mortar stores, particularly if you have Amazon Prime and can get free shipping (which we do); 3) I live in a tiny town and we only have one bookstore that isn't associated with the university and it's got a massively lousy selection of romance in any subgenre; 4) it's just easier for me, when I find a new author online (often through the blogverse) that I'd like to check out, to hop over to Amazon and make a few clicks than to schedule the hour long drive to the nearest big bookstore, so it's very much convenience.

  3. Katy - This is because you are a control freak, err, NO. What I meant to say was, this is because you have an endearing need to be in charge of every aspect of your life. *says one endearingly take-charge person to another*

    Seanachi- I like your reasons! I'm blessed to have several really nice bookstores in easy driving distance so I can maintain my stubborn refusal to order online to my heart's content. Although the sneaking more books past the hubby bit might be a valid idea...

  4. LMAO. I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about.

    *straightens things up around your blog*


  5. Comfortable little stores are nice and homey, and I like that "Come right in and have an apple pie!" feeling. However, there is no pie. The pie is a lie.
    See, I normally have a book in mind before I look for it. I don't like wandering around aimlessly, without any idea where I'm headed. Besides, I come close to despising public areas, and I live in a dank, dark cave where the windows are never open and the vermin traverse freely.
    I feel less like a wandering fool at home, rotting my brain with my husband, the Internet, browsing for shtuffs on B & N. And, I can eat pie, while browsing, THE INTERNET! AHAHAHA!
    However, there is. No pie.

  6. Katy! *smacks hand* Leave my blog alone. You have several of your own. Go be anal there.

    AngDot - Yum. Pie. (You are a little bastion of cleverness. Going to be a writer when you aren't working your day job as a barrista in Seattle?)

  7. I have books for you - and you don't have to buy them! No explanations for hubby! I have to finish a review on one and then I'll pass off a stack.

  8. Yay! Free books! I can't wait. And btw, I really enjoyed Tithe. A couple things were a bit on the edge for my YA comfort zone, but overall, I really enjoyed it and want to read the series.


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