Deep Thoughts -- Or Something Sort Of Like It

Here are a few gems gleaned from conversations recently with my boys:

Scientist: You know, if you go to hell, I bet it isn't the heat that gets you. It's the humidity.


Starshine: Hey cool! A toothpick! Now I'm all set if I get arrested.

Me: Why?

Starshine: Because I can pick the lock on my handcuffs with a toothpick and then use it as a weapon!

Me: I'm sure every cop in this county is disturbed to hear that.


Starshine: I'm really glad you haven't been guillotined yet.

Me: That makes two of us.


  1. Lol. And that's just Starshine. Imagine if we gave Daredevil a toothpick...

  2. *giggles*

    Daredevil could probably take over the world with a toothpick. (or build something explosive ala MacGuyver)


  3. My favorite is Starshine being glad you haven't been guillotined... "yet." What faith our children have in us.


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