Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Were-Platypus For The Win

So, the Were-platypus cupcake character won by a landslide. Captain Jack has guzzled three cases of rum to drown his sorrow and humiliation.

FYI - I'm still going to make a Captain Jack Sparrow cupcake.

Because it's MY blog.

However, I will bow to the will of my blog readers and make the Were-Platypus cupcake first. But why should I have all the fun?

I've got a stash of books (ranging from YA to paranormal to historical to suspense) to give away! You know you want one. Plus, you get Were-Platypus bragging rights. Apparently, there are over 100 of you who desperately WANT Were-Platypus bragging rights.

Far be it from me to stand in your way. I hereby announce the Were-Platypus Cupcake Character Contest! (And I fully expect those of you who tormented me with votes for Wally to jump on this opportunity to prove your choice was the worthier choice. Yes, Shannon and Kerry, I'm looking at YOU.)


1. Make a Were-Platypus cupcake and post a pic of it on your blog.
2. Link that blog post back to this post.
3. Leave me a note in the comment trail saying you've made a cupcake.
4. I'll draw one lucky Were-Platypus fan's name from a hat (No, really. A hat.) and that person will win the novel of their choice from my stash. If you're a writer and you'd rather have a free chapter critique instead, I'll gladly offer that as well.
5. Sorry, but I need to ship the prize within the U.S. or Canada.
6. For 1 extra entry, tweet this contest link. Make sure you include my @cjredwine so I know you've tweeted!
7. For another extra entry, become a follower of this blog.

Due Date: Monday, February 8th, 8 p.m. central time.

Let the Were-Platypus bake-off begin!

*Disclaimer: The top of the cupcake does NOT have to be all frosting. You can use any non-edible artsy-craftsy stuff your little heart desires. I know I will. Who could possibly make a Were-Platypus out of frosting alone?


  1. What a fun contest! Sadly, my cooking skills are nil, let alone getting started on being creative in the kitchen...

    I can't wait to see what everyone else does though!

  2. ...It's times like these I wish I could make elaborate characters in frosting. I guess that's why I use pencil and PhotoShop.

  3. LOL. Okay, I'm in--I think. My writer's Conference is over, so I think I have time to craft something out of frosting. But cake decorator I am not--so it's NOT going to be pretty. But after all I put you through I suppose it's only fair.

    Plus I am drooling over your stash. I don't even know what's in there and I want it. So...yeah. I will try to put something together over the weekend. If nothing else, it'll give me an excuse to eat all the failed attempts. ;)

  4. Okay, fyi...the top of the cupcake doesn't need to be all frosting! It can have as many other elements and materials as you like. I know mine will.

  5. *cries*

    I shall not be baking, as that never works out for me. But I will be following along, sticking my tongue out at that blasted were-platypus as often as possible.

  6. Well...I did it. And it came out worse than I feared. But I posted it anyway. Can't wait to see what you come up with! :)



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