Monday, August 9, 2010

Day One: It Begins!

1. Day one of Corporate Training Week of So Not Awesome has begun.

2. This time, I have an assigned roommate.

3. Which means any further run-ins with the bathroom door will have a WITNESS.

4. If she can't be bribed with lemon bars, I may have to ditch her body in the back forty.

5. Remember my earlier angst about the stunning lack of wifi in the area?

6. Turns out the hotel DOES offer internet service. You just need a special cord to access it.

7. So nice of them to offer me this magic cord LAST time I was here.

8. Anyway, this means I can bring you scintillating updates on prepackaged muffins, the Shuttle of Death, and hours spent shivering in an icebox of a classroom.

9. You're welcome.

10. In other news, I need to sign up for Goodreads. My friend and CP Myra McEntire's book HOURGLASS is now on there (It comes out next summer and you WANT this book. It is awesomeness squared.) I'd like to be a pal and add it to my reading list.

11. I just have to find the time to figure out how to use Goodreads.

12. I know, I know ... it's easy, right?

13. That's what everyone told me about LiveJournal and look how well that worked out for me.

14. So, we'll see.

15. And now, as much as I'd love to stay and chat, I have the Shuttle of Death to catch so I can grab the blueberry yogurt I don't really like from the hands of a virtual stranger who will later ask for my phone number while swearing she'll miss me.


  1. Happy Day One! Hope you have a fab time.
    This reminds me, I really need to update my GoodReads. Haven't been on there in weeks.

  2. Have fun!

    I haven't been to Goodreads yet - there's just NO more time at the moment :)

  3. Dude. Get on GoodReads CJ. Where have you BEEN?



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