Monday, November 29, 2010

Back To Reality

1. Today, I'm doing my best to pick up my regular schedule and run with it.

2. I'm thankful my parents are still in town to help with that!

3. They leave on Wednesday so by Thursday afternoon, I might be a psychotic mess.

4. Those of you who just snickered and wondered how that would be any different from my usual M.O. can go dine on a breakfast buffet in Nanchang without the benefit of Pepto Bismol.

5. I spent the last week adjusting to being in the Central time zone again, helping Johanna adjust as well, dealing with Johanna's ear infection, spending time with my boys, celebrating Thanksgiving, and celebrating my hubby's birthday. Oh, and I got 95% of our Christmas shopping done over the weekend. Online. Which made me far less homicidal than braving the jam-packed department stores, I assure you.

6. This week, I'm jumping back into my work schedule, homeschooling, house cleaning, socializing with people, blogging, running private workshops for clients, and doing my best to manage all of it with a new baby in tow.

7. *gives the title "Psychotic Mess" the Beady Eye but accepts it might be inevitable*

8. I do still plan to go through our trip photos and post some of my recollections, but haven't yet found the time for it.

9. I heard a song recently that boasted the following line: "My heart was beating in my chest."

10. Where else would it be beating?

11. Honestly, sometimes I worry about the state of songwriting today.

12. One of the most amusing parts of our trip to China was reading the English translations on various signs and products.

13. Our favorite was the sign on a wheelchair ramp leading up to the breakfast buffet at our hotel in Nanchang. The sign said "Ramp carefully."

14. On a side note, 99% of the ramps in China are at 60 degree angles or worse. If you're using a wheelchair there, you'd better be sure you've got excellent brakes.

15. And maybe a seat belt.

16. I received an invitation to run a contest on my blog where the winner will receive a gift certificate to the yummy Oh Nuts online store (whose products I love).

17. The contest seems low maintenance, so perhaps I will.

18. Plus, the company name is completely appropriate for the state of my life at the moment.

19. Stay tuned for more details.

20. Now, I'd love to chat more but I'm already behind (despite being up since 4:45 this morning), so I must race to my next task. Until next time, stay away from stewed intestines and ramp carefully.


  1. Ramp Carefully. I like that. Needs to be a t-shirt or bumper sticker.

    Ramp carefully, C.J. (I'm going to use it like Aloha--it's good for practically anything.)

  2. Keep at it, CJ! Ramp carefully, ramp courageously.

  3. Hmm...Ramp Carefully sounds like an excellent name for a flash fiction...perhaps starring the shenanigans of the infamous Wally the Were-Platypus. :) I mean, if your sanity is dangling by a thin thread, why not snip it off with irreverent writing?

    Hope life calms down and normalizes, because I so want more China (and more Johanna pics). If you need anything you know where to reach me! :)

  4. Ramp Carefully should be the theme of the Zombie Survivalists. I mean, who wants to ramp right into a horde of hungry flesh eaters? Of course, it would make the Olympics much more competitive.

  5. Wow, I'm impressed with how much you're getting done.

  6. You are super mom! I am so impressed! A little *psychotic mess* never hurt anyone.

    We lived in China for eight years and really enjoyed the signs. One of our favorites was outside our apartment building: "Please make noise to keep slient, not to play football and basketball." Make sure to remind your boys to keep slient when Johanna's taking a nap. :)



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