Saturday, July 24, 2010

Starshine, Mafia, & Plan B

1. I'm posting my weekly list a bit early.

2. Because I can never tell when I might be kidnapped by wereplatypi again and held for lemon bar ransom.

3. Last week, while driving through southern Nashville, I spotted a beauty parlor with the following auspicious moniker: Hair Mafia.

4. Where taking a little off the top takes on a whole new meaning and nobody wants Joey's Pedicure Special.

5. I might have to go there once just to say I did.

6. Starshine has decided what he wants to be for Halloween this year.

7. He would like to dress up as Fiber.

8. No, that isn't a typo.

9. Fiber.

10. And he wants to wear a cape, a Darth Vader belt, and pack some heat.

11. Fiber, whether you like it or not.

12. May the Force go through you.

13. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

14. Every day I drive to work, I pass a house whose inhabitants might just be brilliant.

15. I say this because they run a business out of their home. The sign beside their driveway reads "Top Soil and Manure For Sale."

16. They seem to be doing well for themselves.

17. Selling dirt from their adjoining field (I've seen them dig up the piles) and poop from their cows.

18. They're making a living on two items that are virtually free to them.

19. Brilliant.

20. Following that business model, I could, perhaps, go into business selling crazysauce and dust bunnies, both of which I have in abundance around here.

21. Not sure there's a market for those, however.

22. Plan B is to set up cameras throughout my home and send the footage to Hollywood for guaranteed sitcom gold.

23. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go wrestle Fiber Vader into bed.


  1. Fiber??? That made me snort out loud!

    If you find a market for the dust bunnies, I'm in!

  2. hahahah love the fiber for halloween idea =)

    Maybe we can go into business together. You sell dust bunnies and I'll sell cat hair...

  3. I want to see a pic of this Halloween costume.

    Also, a friend of mine in CO...her dad is in the business of selling dirt. First time I'd ever heard of that. Cracked me up and I thought it was brilliant!


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